5 resolutions that will supercharge seller communication


How often do you communicate with a client after listing their home for sale? Do you communicate at all, or wait for them to call you to ask what is going on? This article by Robert McTague provides good reminders of the types and frequency of communication you should be doing for and with your clients.

Here are 5 Resolutions you can start using to communicate with your clients.

1. Plan Regular Communication. The key to me here is to PLAN. When you have a plan, and share that plan with your clients, it is more likely the plan will be executed.

2. Make Coaching Calls. Call your client frequently, let them know what you are doing for them to help sell their home.

3. Provide Marketing Updates. Sellers want to know what is going on around them, what is selling, what isn’t, etc.

4. Offer Feedback from Showings. Sellers want to know what people think of their homes after showings. Provide accurate, timely feedback to owners.

5. Provide a 30 Day Update. If your client’s home hasn’t sold in 30 days, provide a complete 30-day update to your client. And do this as long as the home is on the market.

Please refer to the entire article for complete details about how to best communicate with your clients.

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