What do Realtors really DO all day?


Whether you are new to the Real Estate business or a veteran, certainly at some point in time a neighbor or friend is going to say to you, “What Do You Do All Day”.  This is true for anyone who works from home, and spends a fair amount of time there working.  Friends and neighbors see you around home a lot, coming and going at strange hours, probably sitting in coffee shops and restaurants by yourself or with others.  When I started a sales career many years ago, and was home most summers, my thought was to simply tell neighbors I was in a witness protection program but then thought better of it. 

This blog post by Amanda and Jared Christiansen seeks to address the question many Real Estate Agents and Brokers get from friends, neighbors, and family, What Do Realtors Really Do All Day.  A good read that many Real Estate professionals and others who work from home will enjoy. 

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