9 Top Ideas for Promoting Your Business Website


Promote Your Business Website

So you’ve created a website for your budding business? Great! A business website is a fundamental marketing tool in today’s world. The next step is getting people to find it. Gaining web traffic is one of the biggest challenges cited by business owners, but fear not! There are lots of ways to get eyeballs on your site, and here are nine of them.

Focus on Content

One of the most basic, but incredibly important, things you can do for your website’s ranking is to create consistent, valuable content in the form of a company blog or news page. Search engines love websites that consistently add new content, as it shows them your business is active and relevant. Plus, now you have informative, fresh content to share with your potential customers.

Optimize Social Media Profiles

You probably have a Facebook page for your business. You may even have a Twitter or Instagram profile. But are you properly optimizing them to drive traffic to your website? All of these platforms include a place for a URL — use it! Also, make sure to completely fill out the bio or About section on these platforms to get the most out of these free features.

Share Your Content on Social Media Profiles

By now, social media is everywhere and we’ve all seen the potential for reaching new clients. Yet many business owners aren’t sure how to go about using it. Beyond making sure your website’s Home and About pages are linked to all your social profiles, share your blog articles regularly as a post on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever platforms you use. Write a caption that previews your content and then share the link.

Add to Email Signature

It may sound simple, but your email signature is a marketing tool that’s massively overlooked. Linking to your website from a logo in your email signature is an easy way to lead people to your site. The next time you send a cold email or make a new connection, it will be easy for them to find more info about you and what your business has to offer. Make sure that everyone in your company is doing this too!

Use Online Directories

If you have a physical business location, there are lots of free online directories out there. Much like with social profiles, you’ll submit your business URL along with other basic business info, and the site will index your info in their data banks, making your site discoverable and improving your overall SEO. It’s a win-win! Popular online directories include Google My Business, Bing Places, Merchant Circle, Manta, MapQuest, etc.

Guest Blog Post

Reach out to a popular, relevant site in your industry and offer to contribute a guest blog post. In your post, include a few relevant links back to your site. Guest-posting high-quality content on sites with good readership can boost your exposure and improve SEO.

Share With Your Email List

Promote your best blog posts to your email marketing list. These people have already shown an interest in you by opting into your email list — now it’s your move! Keep yourself front-of-mind by sharing some of your best content with an audience that is most likely to share it with others.

Create Business Cards With Your Website

Most people have business cards with their name, title, email and phone number. Do you have your website on yours? New contacts can easily learn more about your business before reaching out via email or phone.

The list goes on and on. These are just some of the many ways to make sure your website is working its hardest for you and reaching your potential customers. One final tip – be patient. While these methods are effective, building a strong online presence is an ongoing process. It can take weeks or even months before you see a significant increase in site traffic or online ranking.

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