Mobile Productivity for the Professional


Have you ever wished you were near a computer to address a client concern, when all you had was your smartphone? Asked to do an impromptu presentation, but all your Power Points and notes were on the desk in your office, not in your hands? Or asked to forward information to a colleague, only to have to say you would send it when you went back to the office?


With today’s powerful mobile devices and applications, those worries are often the concerns of the past.


The power of a computer is in the palm of your hand, with applications that match, and sometimes surpass, the ones on the computer sitting at home or in your office. Microsoft Corporation, the software giant behind the Windows operating system, has created mobile applications of their most popular business focused software, often for free! Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note, One Drive, and Outlook all have exceptional mobile apps on iOS, Android, and Windows based smartphones and devices. Google has a powerful suite of communication and business apps that work across many devices, allowing  busy professionals to keep in touch with their clients, regardless of their location.


Here is a list of my top 10 current applications, and how they can boost your productivity:


  1. Microsoft Outlook (Mobile version) – a professional, corporate grade email and calendaring tool that works on your mobile devices. Keep in contact with clients and colleagues with the touch of a finger, while ensuring your work calendar is kept up to date. Set task and appointment reminders, and even share your calendar if there is a need. Free from Microsoft Corporation.
  2. Microsoft Word (Mobile version) – view and edit Word documents, often retaining the format of the original document! Contracts, offers, etc. can be easily sent right from your mobile device. One of the best mobile word processors on the market. Easily share documents via email. Free from Microsoft Corporation.
  3. Microsoft Excel (Mobile version) – view and edit (or create) spreadsheets with the mobile version of the gold standard for spreadsheets – Excel! Free from Microsoft Corporation.
  4. Microsoft One Note (Mobile version) – store all of your notes in one easily accessible place….and much more! Free from Microsoft Corporation.
  5. Microsoft One Drive (Mobile version) – store and share your files from the cloud with this easy to use “hard drive in the sky”! Free from Microsoft Corporation (some storage versions will require a subscription)
  6. Google Voice (Mobile and desktop version) – a FREE service from Google giving you a second telephone line that can coexist with your cell number on your mobile device. Log in and use across ANY number of devices! Voice calls and text messages can be accessed wherever and whenever you log in. Excellent for keeping business and personal lives separate! Free from Google.
  7. Google Hangouts (Mobile and desktop version) – a voice and video communication app from Google that allows group video calls and group messaging. A group video conference on your smartphone is now possible! Can be integrated with google Voice for even tighter integration on a mobile device. Free from Google.
  8. Google Drive (Mobile and desktop version) – Googles answer to Microsoft One Drive. Google Drive acts on a mobile device as a repository of all sorts of media, and on the desktop, allows creation and collaboration on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. one of the most powerful collaborative pieces of software available. Free from Google.
  9. ZOHO Suite (web based) If you have a small to medium sized business, the scope and depth of the web based services ZOHO offers is truly breathtaking! From CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions, to powerful accounting and bookkeeping tools ZOHO has what is often the right service at the right price (often free for trial). Many business use the ZOHO People to run their Human Resources functions! Mobile professionals have used many of their services to run many businesses in a truly virtual environment .
  10. Line2 (Mobile and desktop) – Imagine the power of a virtual PBX (commercial grade phone system) in an app and website! Automated attendant, call transfer, multiple extensions, emergency call protocols, voicemail, and more! Now imagine this powerful phone system starting at $14.95 monthly. It simply works! The power of a commercial grade PBX system in your hand.

Using some (or all) of these apps in a mobile environment will allow you to do more in less time. Connect with your customer, market to your prospects, keep details on your taxes, while still having a life outside of work! Using mobile technology appropriately can allow you more time for family and friends, all while increasing levels of service and professionalism to your clients and potential clients! For more information on how these apps can work, visit the applications store for your mobile device, or navigate to the websites described above!

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