James Dwyer Memorial Scholarship 2019 Winner: TiaVonna Bing


The James Dwyer Scholarship is awarded to individuals who share his passion for the pursuit of excellence in the real estate industry. Scholarships, as a whole, are earned by those who wish to invest in their careers and their future via education. This is what we believe at Hondros College and we strive to contribute to the further success of our students. In this spirit, we are pleased to award this year’s James Dwyer Scholarship to Ms. TiaVonna Bing! TiaVonna Bing, James Dwyer Memorial Scholarship recipient

This scholarships namesake, and long-time faculty member, James Dwyer was known for his friendly and inspiring demeanor. Echoing James Dwyer’s legacy, his scholarship goes to other role models seeking a full-time, professional career in the real estate industry. Earning this scholarship is no simple task, including licensed qualifications, an application process, an essay detailing the passion for real estate of the individual applying, two letters of recommendation and a signed commitment to make a mark in the real estate field. Through this process, Bing stood out as an exemplary candidate for this honor.

Bing’s enthusiasm and ambitious career goals make her a fabulous asset to the real estate industry. Her ultimate goal is to create a community-based housing development for veterans:

“My father, who served in the Vietnam War as a marine, was my first hero. He was very passionate about serving his country and doing what was right by it.”

Bing is grateful to the committee as well as James Dwyer for giving her the chance to“ begin the journey to [her] dreams and begin making a difference.”

“The plan that I have for the future, upon finishing my courses at Hondros College, is to start up my dream for the vets. I also want to give hope and encouragement to the youth in my community.”

Congratulations, TiaVonna! We wish you the best of luck and can’t wait to see what you accomplish in your real estate career!

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