James Dwyer Memorial Scholarship Winner Announced!



Scholarships, the life-blood of individuals pursuing the achievement of higher education, are a vital part to what we do at Hondros College. In turn, we are pleased to announce the winner of the James Dwyer Memorial Scholarship. Ms. Brandy Brady of Akron is this year’s winner and we could not be more proud of her!

Named in honor of long-time faculty member James Dwyer, this scholarship is intended to be given to an individual who shares in Mr. Dwyer’s passion for the pursuit of excellence in the field of real estate and consequently, a full-time career in the real estate industry. With rigorous standards for consideration, including licensed qualifications, an application process, an essay detailing the passion for real estate of the individual applying, two letters of recommendation and a signed commitment to make a mark in the real estate field, selecting a winner was a challenge in and of itself. However, we feel that Brandy has adequately met these guidelines and in fact surpassed them. Her exemplary drive and shining recommendations made it impossible for us to pass her over for the award and we are extremely confident that he/she will have a lasting impact in the real estate field.

With 28 applications received, the competition and stakes were high. However, Brandy remained unwavered and displayed everything we believe embodies the passion and drive of Mr. Dwyer. Congratulations to you, Brandy, and best of luck to you in your future real estate career!


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