Congrats to Our September 2018 Instructor of The Month – Larry Press


Hondros College is proud to announce our September 2018 Instructor of the Month – Larry Press! Teaching real estate law with us for the past 14 years, Larry is the proud recipient of Instructor of the year in 2014. He is also Vice President of First American Title Insurance Company – specializing in title and escrow and business development.

Instructor Larry Press

We had the pleasure of interviewing Larry about his intriguing career – even before Hondros – and what keeps him going. Continue reading to learn more about our inspiring Instructor of the Month.

Before working with Hondros, in his law school days, Larry delivered singing telegrams dressed in a gorilla costume. Not long after graduating, he first learned about Hondros – but he doesn’t remember who initially told him. This is not surprising, as he recalls “Hondros [being] used as a professional shorthand – like Xerox for copier.” From the beginning, Hondros has been shorthand for “excellence in real estate education.” From then on, Larry knew he wanted to be a part of that team.

Describing Hondros as “committed, dedicated, and cutting-edge,” Larry also feels “the biggest changes at Hondros have largely been on the technological front”. Through Hondros, Larry cherishes using his “36 years of experience in real estate law in a tangible way by helping others enter the real estate industry”. Since joining us, he strives to “help students over that first hurdle of passing the test”.

Larry admits “keeping the class interesting while presenting what can be dry material” is his biggest challenge. However, past students of Larry’s say his humor and enthusiasm keeps them intrigued during those long classes. He also shares real-world stories to connect with the class and apply the learning to his past experiences. Larry appreciates the “tremendously varied personal and professional backgrounds” of his students and what they add to his experience at Hondros.

“Pay attention and do the hard work necessary to achieve success. There are different ways of getting there and of defining it.”

His advice for new agents is to “pay attention and do the hard work necessary to achieve success. There are different ways of getting there and of defining it.” He reflects this in his personal definition of success: “Finding contentment”. He also shares his most valuable career lessons:

  • You’re going to make mistakes, and they won’t be fatal or unfixable. Consider them a learning experience.
  • It’s important to know what you don’t know and to do the work necessary to remedy the situation.
  • Nothing is more important than personal integrity.

Thank you, Larry, for being an inspiration to students, agents, and instructors alike. By instilling enthusiasm in your students with humor and real-life experiences, you positively influence a new generation of agents.

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