Congrats to Our November 2018 Instructor of The Month – Jimmie Gibson


We’re pleased to announce the winner of November 2018’s Instructor of the Month – Jimmie Gibson! He gave insight into his strategy for enjoying the journey to success. Keep reading to learn more about our inspiring instructor of the month.

Jimmie Gibson

Jimmie first came to Hondros for his 10-hour real estate post-licensure class at the Westerville campus. On the class’ lunch break, he inquired about becoming an instructor – and he’s been here for almost three years. Looking to become part of something that impacted people’s lives, he saw that positive impact being made at Hondros.

“The staff at every site is awesome. My fellow instructors are second to none.”

Jimmie stands in awe of other instructors at Hondros and feels they set the example for himself as an instructor. But he also sets the standard for instructors in his own way. His advice to new instructors is to:

  1. Read the material front and back
  2. Give yourself time to adjust and find your teaching rhythm
  3. Enjoy the journey

He strives to inspire students and understand their aspirations. He recalls his proudest moment when one of his students passed their real estate exam on the first try:

“I was teaching night classes at the West Chester Campus. Around 7:15 pm my former student popped into class smiling and excited to show me he had just passed his test. He went onto tell the current class how the study methods he had learned during classes, especially CompuCram, had led to him passing.”

Above all, Jimmie wishes for his students to find success. He defines success as “a journey that must be walked one step at a time and one day at a time.”

Jimmie also told us his personal steps to success:

  1. Plan your path carefully
  2. Focus on the journey
  3. Achieve one step at a time
  4. Rejoice in the small victories
  5. Be thankful

We’ll end with his favorite quote from Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson,

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent, hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.”

We would like to thank Jimmie Gibson for being an inspiration to students and instructors alike. Through you, we learn that success is a journey to be enjoyed – every step of the way!

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