Congrats to Our January 2019 Instructor of the Month – Jackie VanDorn


We’re happy to announce our first Instructor of the Month for 2019 – Jackie VanDorn! We got the chance to interview Jackie about her time at Hondros, what it takes to succeed in the real estate industry, and thrive as an instructor. This 2016 Instructor of the Year winner has been an active seller and broker for 21 years while instructing with us for the last 10.

Hondros is where she took her pre and post sales licensing education, Associate Degree in Applied Business, as well as broker education classes. Jackie describes the Hondros culture as driven and flexible. So, it’s no surprise that she has a positive outlook for the future,

“Hondros has changed with its expansion in campus options and licensing into other states. The biggest change so far is the online education now allowed in Ohio. Hondros is always planning and ready for educational advancement and student’s needs.”

Her advice for new instructors is to be prepared, always seek to learn, find your niche, and ask when you don’t know. She draws her inspiration from her students and strives to connect with them every day. Jackie’s favorite part of her job is applying the lessons to real-life scenarios. She strives to “be real and be honest” with her students and encourages other instructors to do the same.

Here is her advice for new real estate agents,

“There is no such thing as a ‘norm’ or ‘standard’ when it comes down to selling real estate. There are so many avenues and ways to use your real estate license. Write down what you want to do and find a way to do it right. Hondros is your lifeline in real estate.”

Jackie also gave us her biggest career lessons.

  1. No two deals are exactly the same.
  2. You can learn new strategies through your errors.
  3. Utilize your networking resources. Someone is always willing to help you.

She defines success as being content in life and having benefited from something along the way that you can pass on to others. Thank you, Jackie, for connecting with your students and always thinking of ways to give back.

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