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Home Inspectors water Quality Testing

There are many times when the water in a home seems fine because nothing abnormal is seen in the water and it doesn’t have an odd smell to it. The fact is, there could be issues that aren’t easily noticed or detectable without extensive testing. The following guide walks you through what to remember when inspecting the quality of water in a home.

Understand Why Water Quality Testing Is Important

Checking the quality of water is essential because the water can be filled with contaminates or bacteria that can be harmful to ingest. For example, water that flows through old lead pipes can also cause internal issues for anyone who drinks it. Water that is contaminated can also cause damage to the pipes of a home and negatively affect the taste of the water. Proper water inspections allow any issues to be discoverable so that they can be addressed before the house is purchased.

Ensure the Water Quality Inspection Is Done Properly

Follow proper EPA guidelines when inspecting a home’s water quality. For some tests, the water must run for a specific amount of time before being collected. Some tests require the water to be collected inside of the home while others require it to be collected from spouts located on the exterior of the home. There are specific containers that must be used to collect water samples. This will ensure that accurate results can be achieved. You may need to visit your local EPA office to get a sterile collection container. Once the water is collected, it needs to be sent to a lab for proper testing.

Know How to Tell the Home Buyer What the Test Revealed

When the lab results come back, you need to share any issues with the home buyer. If lead was found in the water, purchase a lead testing kit from a local home improvement store. If the pipes are made of lead, they must be replaced throughout the house. If contaminants or bacteria are found in the water, a home water filtration system may need to be installed to ensure that the water is safe to drink.

It’s important to get the water quality testing done as quickly as you can as it can take time to get the results back from the lab. Give the buyers the information right way so issues can be addressed in a timely manner. Most home purchases take place within a couple of months from start to finish. So getting the results as quickly as possible ensures that the process isn’t slowed too much by negative test results.

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