Should I Hire a Real Estate Photographer?


Photographs and videos can play key roles in improving your real estate sales. For instance, you can use videos to establish yourself as an authority in your real estate niche and make how-to videos for new homeowners. You can also use several types of marketing videos to attract more clients.

When it comes to taking photographs of real estate, you could benefit from hiring a professional. In some cases, you can benefit even if you have considerable experience taking and editing photographs.

If you’re thinking about hiring a real estate photographer, consider how the following four benefits could make your job easier and increase your sales.

Professional Photographs Make Properties Look More Attractive

If you don’t have much experience with photography, then you might snap a picture with your smartphone and put the image on a website. The photograph will show what the property looks like, but it probably won’t bring out some of the property’s most attractive features.

Professional photographers take numerous variables into consideration when they take pictures of real estate. They can adjust a room’s lighting to create a vivid picture; use filters to soften harsh light, and edit to remove unpleasant flaws.

You don’t want to fool potential buyers with edited images, but you do want to show off the best qualities of properties. The better the images look, the more responses you will get from potential buyers.

Hiring a Photographer Gives You More Time to Focus on Sales

As a real estate agent or broker, you devote a lot of your time to building relationships with property sellers and buyers. If you spend too much time taking real estate photographs, then you won’t have as many opportunities to connect with your clients.

Let a professional real estate photographer take and edit pictures. If possible, have the photographer upload images to your website.

The less time you spend documenting your listings, the more time you can spend talking to clients and looking for properties that match their needs.

Real Estate Photographers Have Better Equipment

Professional photographers spend thousands of dollars on equipment that helps them take beautiful pictures. Items like light meters, DSLR cameras, and camera-equipped drones make it possible for professionals to create better images than you can get from your smartphone or amateur camera.

When you pay a photographer, you get more than that person’s talent. You also get the benefits of professional equipment that will make your listings look better and sell faster.

Your Best Properties Deserve Professional Photographs

It might not make sense to hire a real estate photographer for a property that you think will sell for only $150,000. When you don’t stand to make a lot of money from the sale, you probably don’t want to pay a photographer.

Your upper-scale properties, however, deserve professional photographs. If a home gets listed for $500,000, you should invest a little money in hiring a real estate photographer who can make the property look gorgeous. Without professional pictures, potential buyers surfing listings online will balk at the high price.

If you want people to spend a lot of money, then you need excellent pictures that motivate them to buy. Otherwise, some of your most expensive properties could sit on the market for months before you find an interested buyer.

You may not always need a real estate photographer, but it makes sense to partner with a skilled professional when marketing certain properties. When you decide to hire a real estate photographer largely depends on how quickly you want to sell a property and how much money you can devote to marketing the home before it cuts into your commission.

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