Higher Education’s “Dirty Little Secret” – You don’t need to spend $35k on a 2 year degree for a high paying career

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Local college bucks the trend of high college tuition, creating career focused programs that can be completed in six weeks or less, for less than the cost of one college class.

With 2 year private college degrees approaching $35,000 in tuition and fees, prospective students are beginning to question whether it is financially a smart move to even go to college for a better job. Many feel there has to be a better way to get ahead without accumulating student loan debt. For some, there is.

Enter Hondros College. Hondros has focused their curriculum on high paying careers where training can be finished in a very short period of time. Rather than spending two to four years in pursuit of a degree, they allow you to hone in on the knowledge necessary to take and pass certification exams in three distinct areas in as little as one – four weeks: Real Estate, Insurance Sales and Mortgage Loan Officer. They also offer Appraisal, Home Inspection and Personal Fitness certifications where passing an exam is not required.

These careers average $45K – $55K annually, based on the Department of Labor’s own Occupational Outlook Handbook statistics. Each can be entered after completing training at one of Hondros’s 11 Ohio campuses.

If a college degree is still in your future, they offer that too. At price less than most private for-profit colleges in Ohio, Hondros offers $99 per credit hour tuition for their Associates Degree of Applied Business in Business Management. If you attend Hondros College to get your real estate education to be licensed in the state of Ohio, these classes will earn you 12 credit hours toward the degree program. This Associate’s Degree is focused on small business and entrepreneurship, ideal for individuals who want to start their own business or lead and existing small business.

How does Hondros College do it? By specifically choosing NOT to participate in Federal or State financial aid programs. By doing so, much of the administrative cost is removed for many programs, and by making all programs as affordable as possible (Real Estate starts at $1300 total cost for a short three week class; Insurance is even less at $289 for a week). Students can begin classes immediately, paying while attending, and finish without the burden of student loans, beginning a new career debt free.

“For some students it’s a good financial and career move to do the training, get the job, and THEN focus on a degree if needed,” said Rod Farthing, Regional Manager of Real Estate Education at Hondros College Maumee/Toledo campus. “For many, it just doesn’t make sense to accumulate thousands in debt before you find out you don’t even like the career!”

For more information on the career education offered at Hondros College, visit www.hondros.com or call 1.888.HONDROS.

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