4 Reasons Why You Are Having Trouble Generating Quality Leads


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A study conducted by the team at B2B Technology Marketing Community found that 61 percent of businesses polled claimed generating quality sales leads was their biggest challenge. The best way to generate consistent sales leads is by having an appealing and fully optimized website. When done the right way, a website can provide a business with countless sales opportunities. Are you having trouble generating leads from your business website? Here are some of the most common reasons why business owners have a hard time getting quality leads.

1. Your Call to Action Isn’t Clear

A call to action is usually a graphic or button on a website that’s constructed to guide visitors further down a company’s sales funnel. Generally, these call to action links will take the user to a landing page with specific information about a particular sale or promotion. If your call to action is not clear or visible, you will have a very hard time generating quality leads.

Burying your call to action at the bottom of the page is a recipe for disaster. Giving this important part of your content top billing can help increase sales leads and customer engagement.

2. Failure to Humanize Your Company

Making your company appear too corporate or unapproachable can also cause lead generation problems. Ideally, you want to offer visitors to your website a peek behind the curtain regarding your business and what you offer. Appealing to the emotions of your website visitors can go a long way when trying to get them to take the next step and contact your business. Utilizing the power of video on your website homepage can help you establish a connection with prospective customers easily.

3. You Aren’t Blogging

Using content marketing to attract site visitors and generate leads is also a great idea. Creating a blog on your website can help you inform and entertain your audience. When developing content for your blog, be sure to focus on using popular and industry-specific keywords. This will help you increase your search engine rank and make it easier for prospective customers to find out about your business.

4. What Are You Offering Website Visitors?

Offering visitors to your website things like a free trial of your service or a free sample of your product can help you generate more leads. Educating the general public about your company with free samples and trials can be very effective when it comes to growing your customer base.

Apart from improving your website to generate leads, it is always a good idea to revisit how you’re networking; in person or via the internet.

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