How Will Drones Improve My Real Estate Business?


Drones Real Estate Business

Quick, put your camera down — drones are a better option for taking photos of your properties. These aerial vehicles will optimize listings and increase interest in the latest homes on the market. Better yet, they are a lot easier to use than you think. Here are three ways drones will improve your real estate business.

1. Take Better Photos

In real estate school, you probably learned about the power of images. After all, photos are the first thing homebuyers see when they look at your property listings and the last thing they remember. Good real estate photography is at the forefront of the decision-making process for home buyers.

With a drone, you can take aerial photos for your listings and provide buyers with a birds-eye view of your property. Customers can also view the land that surrounds sprawling properties with additional buildings and lavish gardens.

“Before drones became accessible to real estate pros, aerial photos of properties were limited to either grainy satellite images (like those found on Google Earth) or those taken during pricey aerial photography sessions with a hired airplane or helicopter,” says CBS News.

2. Take Videos

Want to increase your chances of selling your properties? Use video — it’s a powerful marketing method that provides you with a huge return on your investment. Research from Virtuets shows that 58 percent of buyers expect to watch a video of a home they are looking at online, and 46 percent of consumers took some kind of action after viewing an online video. Moreover, videos are more exciting than big blocks of text in your digital property listings.

Use a drone to capture a 360-degree snapshot of your property from the sky above. Buyers can check out all the features of your home in a short video instead of relying on still images. You can upload your videos to your website, social media profiles, YouTube channel and blog posts.

3. Make More Accurate Valuations

With drone technology, you can inspect parts of a property that you normally don’t see when valuing a property — the top of the building’s roof, for example. As a result, you can make more accurate home valuations, which will benefit both buyers and sellers. You will also be able to explore the neighborhood that surrounds a property and use images and videos from drones to influence your valuation calculations.

Although it might sound expensive, using a drone could pay off in the long run. You could increase the number of properties you sell within a given timeframe and grow your real estate business. “Drone photography is far cheaper than the next cheapest alternative — helicopters — and much easier to implement in terms of logistics and planning,” says Fast Company.

More real estate agents are using the latest drone technology to transform their property listings and revolutionize the home buying experience. You, too, can use a drone to take better photos and videos and enhance your home valuations.

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