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At Hondros College, we are developing Ohio’s workforce. Since 1981 we have been educating and training adults looking to advance or start their new career – adults who really just want a better life for themselves and their families. Our top priority is to get Ohio citizens working; what better way to do that than with an education guaranteed to put Ohioan’s on the fast-track to success!

We are committed to providing students with the best educational experience and tools to achieve their goals. All our programs – real estate, insurance, appraisal, mortgage lending, home inspection and personal fitness are not only designed to give our students the best start for their career, but also structured to advance their education towards and associate degree and beyond. We take pride in our College and the pathways it creates for our students and the industries we serve.

Hondros College is an institution of higher learning, and we believe that your post-secondary education serves as the building blocks toward your professional licenses, your career and more. Our real estate pre-licensing courses are not only necessary (and required) for your licensure; they are also available for degree credit that can apply toward your broker’s license and associate degree, should you choose to advance your education. Don’t just take your real estate classes – use this education as a stepping stone on your ultimate career path. Our Associate Degree of Applied Business in Business Management fulfills the requirements to be a real estate broker, entrepreneur, and business owner and leader in your chosen field.

We are proud to pave the way to our students’ success. Our unique career programs offer Ohioan’s the chance to say, “I DID IT!”

It’s time for you to experience the Hondros Advantage today.

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