Courting the Prospect: 3 Steps to Getting the Lead


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Stop wasting time and money on courses, gurus, masterclasses and marketing firms that want you to create lead magnets to “standout” in your market. Ignore the debates over what is most effective: email series, video series, or white papers. Today the market, any market, for every industry is oversaturated with stuff from your competition. Being one more “thing” that your target market is bombarded with will not help you capture them as a lead. To stand out in the real estate industry, compete with the big dogs, and increase your customer base ultimately leading to increased profits, you need to master the process of courting.

Courting, Like Dating?

One of the biggest decisions a person will make in their life is buying a home. Finding a real estate agent that they are comfortable with and feel they can trust is important.


This is a big decision and wanting to have a “specialist” in their corner that is going to act in their best interest makes all the difference – to your lead generating. The relationship you foster with your current customers, as well as the prospects, starts with courting… you have to “date” them.

Think about that, dating. What is it that makes you want to go out on more than one date with a person? Perhaps, the better question is what make them want to go out with you again and again? (Hint, it isn’t the flashy car, expensive restaurant, or champagne.)

3 Steps to Getting the Lead

Courting Like a Pro

  1. Pay Attention

Listen to your target market, know them inside and out collectively. What it is that they really want or need? Then as you meet them one by one, pay attention to the individual needs, they have. You should know what your target market needs or wants, but to capture a lead you also need to address them individually. Just like a date, you can generally know what most males or females want based on the type of male or female you are attracted to. However, you are more likely to get a phone number if you pay attention to the girl or guy directly in front of you.

  1. Act Accordingly

In the dating world, one of the quickest turn-offs is too much of a good thing… which then becomes a bad thing. Don’t overdo it. If you have followed step one, you are going to have the essential requirements for communication that your prospect is going to have. Where they are in the house buying/selling process. What are they looking for in a location, house, and/or real estate professional?

  1. Make it About Them

Your success rate, closes, and client roster is impressive for sure. And while at first, that may be what makes a prospect pay attention to you, it doesn’t guarantee that they do business with you. Every interaction with the prospect should be about them EVEN if they aren’t ready to do business.

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