A Case of the Monday’s? Not in the Real Estate Industry


It’s become all too familiar. We all know someone who constantly complains about his or her job. Whether it’s the standard “I don’t make enough money,” “I can’t stand my boss,” or “I just don’t feel fulfilled at work,” roughly two thirds of Americans report they are unsatisfied with their job for one reason or another. Don’t tell that to the real estate industry though. In a study compiled by online jobs site Careerbliss.com and reported through Forbes, real estate agents ranked first in overall job happiness. In particular, they expressed high levels of satisfaction with the control over their work they have on a daily basis and a relatively high degree of content with their bosses as reasons for their happiness. Couple this with salaries averaging $51,170 per year* and reaching upwards of $90,000* in a housing market that is becoming increasingly slanted in the sellers’ favor, it’s no wonder a career in real estate ranks so high. Coming in at second place were senior quality assurance engineers, and third were senior sales representatives. At the other end of the spectrum, associate attorneys, customer service associates and clerks make up the three unhappiest occupations. You can read the entire article by clicking here.

Job autonomy and positive day-to-day interpersonal relations seemingly played a big role in determining this list, along with compensation.  If these are qualities you seek in your career, real estate just might be the career for you. Hondros College of Business is currently offering open registration for pre-licensing classes for new students, as well as continuing education courses and broker courses. We’re extremely proud to offer a world-class educational experience along with the tools you need to succeed. Just follow the link at the bottom to get started. If you’re looking to jump-start a new career, why not go with the happiest one in America?


*According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics


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