How to Build a Truly Cohesive Team


Build Cohesive Team

Over 32 percent of businesses polled in a recent survey claimed that employee engagement was one of their main challenges. If your employees do not feel engaged, chances are they will not stay loyal to your company.

While 78 percent of companies have a documented employee engagement strategy, only around 50 percent of them keep track of the data from these programs.

Creating a cohesive team is essential when trying to take your business to the next level. Read below to find out how to increase the cohesiveness of your team.

You Need to Establish Goals

The first thing you have to do when trying to strengthen your team is to set goals. Without these goals, it will be difficult for employees to know what is expected of them.

Including your team in this goal setting process is essential. Generally, your team will be able to provide you with a unique perspective on the challenges that face your company. Once you have goals in place, you can start delegating tasks to various members of your team.

Diversity is Key

Some of the most successful teams out there are extremely diverse. As a business owner, you need to look for people with unique skillsets. Hiring the same type of employee will usually lead to your team becoming ineffective.

In order to accomplish your business goals, you will need a team that is both experienced and equipped with a wide array of skills. Rather than rushing through the hiring process, you will need to weigh all of the options you have before making a decision.

Participate in Team Building Exercises

Did you realize that companies with a high level of employee engagement outperform their competition by over 200 percent? One of the best ways to strengthen your company is by participating in team building exercises.

While most business owners realize the value of investing in things like a great looking website, many entrepreneurs fail to understand the importance of team building exercises.

Before pairing a group of employees to complete a project, you need to give them a test run. Providing the group with a problem to solve and seeing how well they can work together is essential. Not only will this help you assess how well your employees work together, it can help you spot potential problems that need to be fixed.

Effective Communication is the Cornerstone of a Successful Business

Most businesses have a big problem with communication. Often times, employees will be apprehensive about sharing their work with others out of fear for their job. Rather than creating a company culture of fear, you need to focus on showing your team how important communication is.

Even if you have a number of remote workers, you need to focus on staying in constant communication with them. Utilizing the power of instant messaging apps and video chat software can help your team greatly.

Provide Your Team With Feedback

Making sure that your team grows and develops over time is essential to the long-term success of your business. The best way to show your employees the error of their ways is by providing them with feedback. When providing these feedback, you need to avoid making insults or putting your team down. Your main goal should be teaching and guiding your employees instead of crushing their confidence.

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