The Best Apps for Home Inspectors

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Best Apps Home Inspectors

These days, it’s pretty clear that there’s virtually an app for everything.

While there are quite a few games and “fun” apps to chose from, there are also apps designed with a specific function or purpose in mind. There are even some that are designed for specific business niches, such as home inspectors.

Home inspectors are searching for digital tools that will help with productivity and efficiency. Ultimately, this will help better serve your customers. Learn about the top apps for home inspectors here.

The Happy Inspector for Apple

You can gain access to this app for just $2.99 per inspection or $49 per month. What makes it so great? One feature is the special “agent-only” section. This records various details, warnings or reminders that agents need to remember when visiting the property – for example, beware of the dog.

Also, the Happy Inspector app will automatically take note of when you start and end each inspection. It can also record the property’s water meter. For the $49, you receive up to 5 GB of storage on three devices.

Home Inspector Pro Mobile for Android

This app is available for Android users and is the companion to Home Inspector Pro software. With this app, you can sync all of your templates from any home inspector software to your tablet or phone. If you aren’t currently using Home Inspector Pro, it’s easy to download and you can register as a free user to test and see if this program is right for you.

With this app in place, you can collect all of your inspection data, take pictures instantly, and use voice recognition. Since you are able to download all of the templates from your desktop software to your device, you will have access to thousands of different narratives that you can use while on the go.

Pitch Gauge for Apple

Pitch Gauge provides an extremely powerful app for business use. This app allows you to point and shoot with your camera and easily and quickly determine the pitch of a roof.

This provides you with accurate roof takeoffs, as well as measurements and the ability to preview the roof on a map and then save it. You can use labeling for the images and find the slope thanks to the integrated pitch finders. This app is available for Apple users and is a free download, with in-app purchases.

SnapInspect for Apple and Android

For $65 per month, both Apple and Android users can gain access to SnapInspect. While this app offers the same basic features as all the other home inspection apps, it does have a few extras making it appealing. For example, it provides you with unlimited cloud storage, one-click bulk property importing and custom branding (to list a few).

With this app, you can also choose the format you want to use for your reports. You can choose from Word or PDF. This is one of the costlier app options; however, for $65 you can add up to 150 properties.

There are several apps that can help you with your day to day tasks as a home inspector. And speaking of technology in your industry, do you know how to inspect a smart home?

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