Alumni Success Story: Jessie Goodman

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Hondros College is proud of our alumni and the hard work they put into achieving their successful new career. We sat down with Jessie Goodman, former mortgage professional, turned real estate agent and later real estate broker, and asked her about her journey.

Why did you change from mortgage to your current field?

I have always had a passion for real estate which really blossomed and developed with my 16 years of mortgage experience. Once the market went upside down, I decided to start a virtual company as a stay-at-home foster mom. It seemed only natural the next step would be a career in real estate as I had already worn the hat of a mortgage professional. Becoming a real estate broker came into play because of the variety of clients I serve as a real estate agent. The best way to provide them with the options they need was to become a real estate broker. Jessie Goodman Edited

Why did you CHOOSE HONDROS for your real estate education?

My decision to take my courses to Hondros was based on my previous experience with Hondros when in the mortgage industry. Hondros was the facility we used to provide the educational background for the initial testing of mortgage loan officers. I was one of the first loan officers to be tested once that change was implemented. My past experience with Hondros told me that I would be ready to pass my real estate sales exam when I completed my course. The flexibility offered by Hondros is my favorite thing; the instructors combined with the teaching materials and testing materials are second to none.

“The ability to take courses online for continuing education is a huge one and I am glad to see that Hondros offers online and classroom courses.” – Jessie Goodman

I prepared for my exams, both my sales exam and my brokerage exam, by using the CompuCram system. The continuous flow of the methods used in the system really helps you to engage and enhances the learning experience.

What’s your favorite thing about BEING A REAL ESTATE AGENT, and now, a broker?

The ability to directly impact our communities and our neighbors by offering sound professional advice and efficient services in the real estate industry. The most meaningful experience is meeting new people; buyers, sellers, clients and now friends. My next step is to develop a real estate training program that will yield quality well trained real estate professionals into our communities, to serve our communities on every facet needed when it comes to real estate. In the next 10 years, we expect to be a multi-state real estate brokerage with trained agents to service the residents of those states. My success is attributed to the clients we have served over the years; sellers, buyers, and investors.

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