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Real Estate Agent and Appraisers – Why Can’t We Be Friends?

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There’s chatter online these days concerning the “rotten appraiser” who “killed my last deal”. Those agents will make sure appraisers never get assigned another appraisal for their sales. Are agents… Read more

How Home Inspectors Cross-Promote with Local Businesses


Have you ever bought a hamburger at McDonald’s and automatically bought a Coca-Cola to go with it? You have been touched by cross-promotion. Think how your home inspection business would… Read more

Immigration and The Fair Housing Act


The national dialog about immigration raises questions on whether landlords may inquire about a prospective tenant’s status during the application process. HUD has issued guidance through its “Did You Know… Read more

5 Ways to Build a 100 Percent Referral-Based Business


Imagine you didn’t have to spend cash on advertising your real estate business. Or waste hours searching for new clients. Imagine if clients came to you. Imagine if these clients… Read more

How to Grow Your Home Inspection Business

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Over 5 million pre-existing homes are sold each year. Homes that are being purchased with a mortgage loan will have to be inspected. If you are a home inspector, you… Read more

How Real Estate Agents Can Reach Millennials


1. Who are millennials? Millennials, born between 1980 and 2000, are more tech-savvy than their parents. As a result, they are basically constantly connected online and to each other. They… Read more

Is Your Cyber-House Secure?


With the new year comes renewed concern on whether businesses are prepared to combat cyber threats from both national and international operatives. The FBI has identified the business email compromise… Read more

Three Important Trends for Mortgage Lenders to Know


Mortgage lenders have an important role to play in the financial sector. They help people identify how much they can spend on a new home, thereby providing an invaluable service… Read more

Criminal Convictions and Real Estate Licensure


Consider this: you make the financial investment and commit the time necessary to take all of the courses in order to obtain a real estate salesperson license. Next, you complete… Read more

When Agents Manipulate the Multiple Listing Service


There is a growing trend in real estate where listing agents are taking their fledgling listings off of the market as “Withdrawn With Release”. They then immediately put them back… Read more

How to Market Your Home Inspection Business

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Being a home inspector can be a very rewarding job. Having success in this industry will require you to provide excellent customer service and to have a bit of marketing… Read more

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