Vacation Homes and a Hot Market: What Realtors Should Know


A recent survey from the National Association of Realtors shows that over 80 percent of both vacation home buyers and investment home buyers believe that now is a good time to purchase real estate.

According to the survey, vacation home sales may have slightly cooled off in 2015, but remained at the second highest amount in nearly a decade. The south, particularly Florida, is the most popular destination for vacation home buyers. These are buyers who are keeping their primary residence but choosing to purchase a second home in the Sunshine State.

“The median sales price of both vacation and investment homes soared in 2015. The median vacation home price was $192,000, up 28% from $150,000 in 2014. The median investment-home sales price was $143,500, up 15.3 percent from $124,500 a year ago.”

Are you a real estate agent who has had one of your clients decide to purchase a second home in Florida and you missed out on the sale because you didn’t have your Florida real estate license? Did you know that a recent survey reported that over 50,000 Ohioans spend at least a month or more in Florida a year?

As your partner in lifelong real estate education, Hondros College is proud to announce that we are adding Florida Pre-Licensing Courses to our online catalog of courses. Now you can get the education you need to get your Florida real estate license and grow your business, from right here in Ohio. Our Florida pre-licensing courses are 100% online and are the high caliber, interactive courses you would expect from Hondros.

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