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Now is a great time to start your real estate career. Why? Well, there are a lot of reasons. Here are a few:

  • The average age of Real Estate Agents and Brokers is 57.
  • Renters and younger buyers are ready to become home owners.
  • Mortgage rates continue to be historically low.
  • Inventories of “homes for sale” are low, creating strong demand.
  • Technology is changing the way homes are listed, bought, and sold.

All of these trends are creating new career opportunities for educated and trained Real Estate professionals. Here is a bit more information about a few of the trends mentioned above.

Average Age of Real Estate Professionals is 57 Years

Like much of the population in the U.S., and the workforce in general Real Estate Professionals are aging, and many are retiring as they reach 62-65 years old. Hundreds of thousands of current Real Estate Sales Agents and Brokers will need to be replaced over the next 5 years. 42% of Real Estate Brokers recently surveyed said the need for new agents is their #1 concern.

Renters and Younger Buyers Ready to Become Homeowners

Many younger potential home buyers are now ready to enter the market. Some delayed guying homes due to the national recession that started in 2008-9 and related slowness in job markets. Now, as the U.S. economy continues to improve and monthly
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rental costs are rising faster than the cost of owning a home, many younger people are looking to buy homes for the 1st time. New Real Estate Agents and brokers will be needed to meet the growing demand for homes.

Mortgage Rate Continue at Historic Lows

Mortgage rates continue to be historically low in the 3.5 to 4.5% range for the last couple of years. National mortgage lending organizations have implemented policies that will ease credit restrictions a bit, making it easier for 1st time home buyers to get mortgages.

Inventories of “Homes for Sale” Are Low

Demand is up, inventories are low, making now a good time for skilled Real Estate Professionals to help sellers and buyers. New and experienced Real Estate Sales Agents and Brokers who are best educated and prepared to help their customers will be very successful for many years to come.

Technology Changing How Homes are Listed, Bought and Sold

Home buyers and sellers today are very technology savvy, and expect to work with Real Estate Professionals who are using the best and latest technology tools. Real Estate Sales Agents and Brokers who know how to use the latest technology tools will be the winners in the market well into the future. Of course, since technology is changing almost daily, this means Real Estate Professionals will need to continually learn new skills by reading, taking Continuing Education courses, and using the latest and greatest tools. So, with all these positive trends in the Real Estate industry, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the right courses to get your Real Estate Career started today!

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