Ohio Real Estate Reciprocity States: Expanding Your Business

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Each state has its own real estate licensing requirements. However, many states allow licensed agents in other states reciprocity, meaning they can become licensed in another state without starting from scratch and completing all the pre-licensing requirements.

(Reciprocity should not be confused with portability, which occurs when a state allows a real estate agent from another state to conduct business in their state without having that state-specific license.)

Clear as mud? Keep reading if you are licensed in Ohio but want to be licensed in another state. Or if you are a real estate agent in another state who wants to become licensed in Ohio.

What You Need to Know About an Ohio Real Estate License Transfer

Real estate license reciprocity is complicated. There’s a lot of contradictory information online as to what states allow license reciprocity. The best source of information can be found on each state’s real estate licensing websites.

Before we go into the details of Ohio reciprocity, it may help to understand the different types of reciprocity in real estate.

Types of real estate reciprocity

Here are three different types of real estate reciprocity.

Full reciprocity

Some states offer full reciprocity. Those states recognize real estate licenses from other states and only require experienced real estate agents to take the state-specific portion of the exam and/or a shorter pre-licensing course to get licensed.

Selective reciprocity

Other states have selective reciprocity, meaning only licensed real estate agents from specific states qualify for fewer pre-licensing requirements. For example, Ohio offers reciprocity to Kentucky, which means that Kentucky real estate agents don’t have to take all the regular pre-licensing requirements to become licensed to sell real estate in Ohio.

States that offer selective reciprocity may still allow licensed real estate agents in other states to become licensed without fulfilling all the exact requirements of someone without experience. However, those agents must jump through more hoops than real estate agents from preferred states.

No reciprocity

A handful of states, including Texas and California, require real estate agents to complete their entire pre-licensing process, regardless of whether they are active real estate agents in other states.

States That Offer Ohio Real Estate Agents Reciprocity

A few states offer selective reciprocity for Ohio real estate agents. Here are those states and a summary of requirements.

  • Arkansas: Current Ohio real estate salespeople must pass the Arkansas law portion of the exam with a score of at least 70 to become licensed in Arkansas. For more information, visit the Arkansas Real Estate Commission website.
  • Connecticut: Current Ohio real estate salespeople must pass the state portion of the Connecticut Real Estate Examination. You can schedule your exam with PSI once your application is approved. For more information, visit the Connecticut State Department of Consumer Protection website.
  • Kentucky: Current real estate salespeople must complete a 40-hour reciprocal license law course and pass a licensing exam to get a Kentucky real estate license. For more information, visit the Kentucky Real Estate Commission
  • Nevada: A current Ohio real estate salesperson must pass the Nevada state exam to become a licensed non-resident real estate agent for Nevada. For more information, consult the state’s Department of Business and Industry’s Real Estate Division.
  • West Virginia: Current Ohio real estate salespeople must pass the West Virginia portion of the real estate exam to get licensed in WV. For more information, visit the West Virginia Real Estate Commission webpage regarding reciprocity agreements.

Many other states will recognize the work you had to do to become an Ohio real estate agent. However, most states don’t have specific requirements for Ohio agents wanting to get licensed in their state. Instead, they have general requirements that all licensed real estate agents from other states must complete to become licensed.

To learn more about state-specific reciprocity requirements, visit that state’s real estate licensing website.

Ohio Real Estate Reciprocity States

In 2023, Ohio made real estate licensing easier for licensed agents from other states.

Currently, Ohio offers reciprocity to the following states:

  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi
  • Nebraska
  • Oklahoma
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming

If you are a resident and licensed real estate agent in one of these states, you can apply in Ohio through reciprocity, which means you won’t have to complete all the other requirements for the Ohio real estate license. However, you must still pass both the state and national portions of the licensing exam.

In Ohio, pre-licensure courses must be taken at an institute of higher education that awards degrees. If you are a licensed real estate agent from another state who has to take the Ohio real estate courses, consider Hondros College. Hondros College offers live and online courses and provides courses for every stage of your career.

If you are licensed in a reciprocal state and only have to pass the exam to get licensed in Ohio, turn to Hondros College for exam prep materials.

Hondros College has all you need to become a licensed real estate agent in Ohio, whether you are currently licensed in another state or just starting your career.


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