Just Starting As A Real Estate Agent? 6 Things You Need to Know


In this article, Candy Miles Crocker points out that it is touch starting out as a Real Estate Agent, and that there are 6 things new agents should know.

The 6 things are:

  1. Select a Broker, one who will work with you to develop your knowledge and skills
  2. Do more listening than talking–you have a lot of questions, but may learn more from listening and observing than talking
  3. Get the word out–you need to work your networks, family, friends, acquaintances, to start getting leads and building clients
  4. Learn the neighborhoods–you need to learn about the neighborhoods in your market area
  5. Be patient–many new agents sell 1-3 houses in their first year, you are building a business, it is a marathon not a sprint
  6. Look for opportunities to learn–use all the early experiences to learn more about the business you are building a career in

For complete details, please read the entire article.


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