Tina’s Twenty Years: Hondros College President Tina Lapp Celebrates 20 Years with Hondros Family of Companies


Hondros Ctina for blogollege is proud to recognize one of the most dedicated, influential and ambitious women of the company. For 20 years Tina Lapp, Hondros College President, has been a driving force behind providing excellence in education and giving the company its competitive edge with a familial advantage.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Tina as she shed some light on her 20 years at Hondros College.

You’re like the jack of all trades at Hondros College! What has your career looked like since you started 20 years ago?

I started in 1994 as an accountant; a staff accountant for our schools in Florida. When we decided to sell off that piece of our business,  I chose to stay with the Ohio operation. After this Ohio winter, maybe I should have gone to Florida! In all seriousness, I saw the potential and growth opportunity in the Ohio business and chose  to stay with the Ohio operation. Over the past 20 years, I think I’ve had the opportunity to work with every department within the organization and I think I have probably managed every department at one time or another.  I transitioned from accounting early on, as I quickly fell into management and got increasingly excited about the customer, the products and the  operations of the business. At some point in my years at Hondros I have managed regulatory compliance, Site operations, Sales and Customer Service, IT and even Human Resources. I have been overseeing our Real Estate and related programs since 1999 and added our Insurance programs to that mix in 2007.

Hondros College then and now: How have things changed? How has the company progressed over the years?

The biggest difference has been the transition to online learning. We have always had some of the most innovative exam prep products but we really didn’t offer online learning when I initially started. Also back in the 1990’s we were smaller. One of the things we’ve tried to maintain over the years is the concept of family, and stay consistent with our brand and our company culture. We always believe and support a positive healthy work environment and we always make the success of our students our highest priority. It has always been vital in our organization, that our staff and faculty have a passion for our students!

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

It is hard to pinpoint just one, but it has been exciting to lead and participate in change.  I have been involved with and have often lead the establishment and rollout of several new programs including Appraisal, Mortgage Brokerage and Personal Fitness. I have been able to lead the legislative process, the marketing strategy, the rollout of new programs and the spinoff of several new verticals and companies within the Hondros Family of Companies umbrella. Recently, the addition of the Arizona School of Real Estate and Business has been our largest physical school location expansion and that has been a lot of fun and really exciting. We have a fantastic, talented team out in AZ.

What has made you stay with company for two decades?

Definitely the people. All of the people; from the ones I work with day to day, to the relationships I have built both in Ohio and nationally.  And, most importantly, our students.  I love what we do and we do it well.  I believe in quality products and I believe in our students’ success.  I know we make an impact on their lives and that’s a big driver in my satisfaction. And I cannot say enough about John and Linda Hondros and their dedication and passion for this business and the people.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I would say initiating change. I know it seems like such a simple idea, but listening to what people say they want and making it a reality is so much fun. I like being the person that can make things happen… and make things better!

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