Hondros College Announces 2013 Spring Real Estate-Industry Forecast

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Hondros College announced today its 2013 spring real estate industry forecast. Based on trends from the Hondros College database of student statistics and the 2013 Ohio Association of Realtors® (OAR) Your Market At A Glance report, the spring forecast indicates continued recovery and growth in the Ohio housing market.

“The increasing number of real estate pre-licensing-registration numbers and Ohio state test takers is an indicator of substantial recovery, market resilience, consumer confidence and growth across the housing market,” said Hondros College President, Tina Lapp.

According to Hondros College student statistics, which represent more than 80 percent of licensed Ohio real estate agents, the pattern of first-quarter-enrollment numbers over recent years indicate substantial growth among real estate pre-licensing course interest and Ohio state real estate-license applicants for the Ohio Real Estate Sales Examination.

In the early months of 2013, Hondros College reported a steady increase in real estate-class registration in comparison to the initial months of first-quarter enrollment for 2011 and 2012. The college boasted pre-licensing-registration numbers totaling 509 students in the initial months of 2013; a 50-percent increase from the first months of 2012 and 62-percent increase from the initial months of 2011.

“Based on Q1 numbers and historical trending, our 2013 spring forecast predicts this spring will be a great time to sell homes, as the Ohio market rebounds and prices steadily improve,” said Stephanie Webb, Hondros College Director of Marketing.

According to the most recent OAR Your Market At A Glance report, Ohio home sales have been integrating in a positive direction for seven consecutive quarters. OAR cites local market improvement over the last three years, following the steady decline in home prices since 2005.

“Ohio real estate companies are looking for new agents in 2013,” said Lapp. “It’s a great time to start a real estate career in Ohio.”

In 2012, a double-digit increase in sales activity met a 5.9-percent rebound in average home sales price, according to OAR. This bolstered confidence and strength in the market. The Your Market At A Glance report states the “housing marketplace is continuing to make headway… [with] an uptick in home-sales activity across the state in every quarter since the second quarter of 2010.”

For more information on the Hondros College 2013 spring real estate-industry forecast, visit Facebook.com/hondroscollege.

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