How to Grow Your Home Inspection Business

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Grow Home Inspection Business

Over 5 million pre-existing homes are sold each year. Homes that are being purchased with a mortgage loan will have to be inspected.

If you are a home inspector, you know all too well how competitive this industry is. Finding ways to make your business stand out from others in your area is essential.

Are you trying to grow your existing home inspection business? If so, check out the helpful tips below.

Take the Internet By Storm

In the modern age of small business, traditional marketing methods like newspaper advertising have been rendered useless. In order to catch the attention of modern consumers, you have to work on building an online presence for your home inspection business.

Regularly posting blogs on your website and promoting them on social media is a great way to attract attention. Covering industry-specific topics like how to perform inspections for aging in place can be very helpful for consumers.

Produce Informative Videos

Tech-savvy consumers generally perform a lot of research before hiring companies to perform services for them. One of the best ways to show a potential client what you can do is by producing informative videos.

Recording a video of you actually performing an in-depth inspection of a home is ideal. By watching this video, a potential customer can see how knowledgeable and thorough you are when performing the duties of your job. Putting these videos on the homepage of your website and on popular sites like YouTube and Facebook can help you generate quality sales leads in no time.

Focus on Providing Excellent Customer Service

While online marketing can be beneficial, nothing quite beats good old word of mouth advertising. The only way to get your current clients to recommend you to friends and family is by providing them with excellent service.

Showing clients you are willing to go the extra mile on a consistent basis can benefit your business greatly. You will also need to perform some market research to ensure your prices are competitive. Getting a reputation for overcharging can lead to home buyers and sellers seeking out the services of your competition.

Providing niche services like smart home inspections is also a great way to rise above the competition. The time and effort you put into developing your home inspection skills will pay off in the long run.

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