Finding the Discipline to Be Your Own Boss



Being your own boss isn’t for everyone. It takes drive, determination, tenacity, and sometimes sheer will to make it work. There are many obstacles to making a successful real estate career, and some of them are beyond your control. Although discipline and knowing when to put your nose to the grindstone are not among them. These are things that are within the scope of what you can control. They may not be easy for some people, but they are definitely worth it.

Dealing With Distractions

When you’re busy, distractions are a thorn in your side. Constant interruptions from kids, pets, and other people at home can seriously undermine your productivity. However, there are plenty of other things that can distract us that aren’t as important. These tend to creep up when work is slow or boring.

These are things like binge-watching on Netflix or surfing on Facebook for hours when you should be doing other things. These are the times when you need the self-discipline to shut them down and get back to work. The slow times are when you should be refilling your lead bucket and taking care of the tasks that fall to the wayside when you are busy.

Dealing With Disappointments

In the real estate world, there will be deals that go south, clients that buy from other agents and any number of disappointments along the way. If you are mentally prepared for these, you will be better able to recover and stay on track with your business plan.

If you know you are the type to easily fall into a funk when things don’t go as planned, have a set of affirmation statements ready for these times. Phrases like “Disappointment is temporary” and “I will learn from this and win next time” will help keep you motivated and moving forward.

Dealing With Victories

Deals close on time, you make a tidy profit, and the customers are happy. Time to celebrate, and rightly so, as success should be celebrated. However, you are only as successful as your next deal. If you take too much time and rest on your laurels, leads can pass you by. Be sure that while you are celebrating, you are also looking forward to what comes next. Always keep your pipeline full.

Dealing With Lean Times

When you first start out, your closings may be sporadic. If you are prepared for this eventuality, you’ll be able to weather the storm without getting down and giving up. One way to reduce your financial stress is to be sure you have an Emergency Fund saved up. This should be six to 12 months of expenses for your household. Knowing you have your finances covered can help you reduce your stress and keep you moving forward on your plan for success.

Whether you are a new agent or still finishing up your real estate education, if you plan now for the good times and the bad times, you’ll be well on your way to a successful career. Self-discipline is the key and, if you weren’t born with it, you need to develop it, fast, if you want to work for yourself.

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