Clients for Life: Staying Top-of-Mind with an Intentional Plan

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You’re driving down the road and there it is – a competitor’s sign in your client’s yard. You’re incredulous! Didn’t you work night and day to find them that home? Why aren’t they loyal to you? How could this happen? The problem is, you’re not top-of-mind. Your name does not pop into their heads when the subject of buying or selling comes up.

How do successful agents seem to magically attract new business and maintain relationships with past clients?

It’s not magic – it’s an intentional plan.

The most successful agents spend time executing a plan to stay top-of-mind with their clients. That buyer or seller you worked so hard for in the past would be extremely unlikely to contact a competitor – or to accept overtures from another agent – if they’ve recently heard from you as their trusted advisor.

The main goal for an agent should be to become a trusted advisor. Just like someone’s accountant or lawyer, a real estate agent can achieve this special status during a sale and then maintain it for years to come.

But you’re already busy. You’re working too many hours dealing with new business to develop a plan to stay in touch with your former clients.

Make it easier on yourself with an intentional plan.

Busy agents may want to consider hiring some help to execute this. Mailing postcards? Sounds like something a high school student could do. Inputting names and information into a client database? Anyone with basic typing and computer skills will work. Delivering a gift? Easily done by others. And if you think you can’t afford it, believe this: you can’t afford not to do it.

Where to Begin:

  • Plan on quarterly contact – work 3 months ahead
    • In early October, plan for January, February, and March.
  • Your client list is probably already in a computer database – this can be easily edited and sorted.
    • Programs like Word, Excel, and contact management programs can be used to sort by name, by closing date, or even by your client’s birthdate. Keep it updated by checking once or twice a year.
  • Split up your client list into 3 groups to make your list more manageable
    • January/April/July/October contacts
    • February/May/August/November contacts
    • March/June/September/December contacts

Take advantage of holidays:

January: The new year is perfect for calendars, so drop off or mail a magnetic calendar or mouse pad. Check out or a local supplier.

February: Take advantage of Valentine’s Day, with cookies or candy at their door with a note that you love their referrals.

March: St. Patrick’s Day is a natural for gifting a shamrock plant – inexpensive if ordered in bulk.

April: Mail them a postcard with a reminder of the time change to Daylight Savings Time (if applicable in your area), and a thank you for working with you.

May: It’s perfect timing to send them a “Happy Spring” card with a seed packet inside, labeled with your branding. Check out for these and other supplies.

June: Take advantage of Flag Day. Place a small flag in your client’s yard with a label on the staff, similar to your business card (easily printed from your own copier). Tip: Flags are much cheaper if ordered months ahead of time.

July: Plan a parking lot party or “party in the park” with other agents and play lawn games like cornhole while you grill food and have a potluck.

August: Mail them a sports schedule for their local school on a magnet for their fridge.

September: How about a fall-scented candle with a personal note?

October: Drop off a small pumpkin on their porch – inexpensive if you buy more than a few – and stick a wooden skewer in the top with your business card attached.

November: Consider skipping Christmas gifts this year and make a big splash for Thanksgiving instead. Since you’re thankful for your clients, tell them with a gift bag of goodies, a branded item, and a thank-you card. Gift bags with handles are perfect for leaving at doors if they aren’t home when you drop by.

December: Use the calendar idea from above (see January).

Concerned about cost? Consider opening a bank account that is only for funds for your personal marketing plan. When you earn a commission, put a small percentage into this marketing account. You’ll be surprised how quickly this can add up to cover your marketing costs.

Decide today to start an intentional plan. Start by updating your client list, and then pick a group to get started. Take a small step today and stay top-of-mind with those clients to keep them for life!

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