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There are many types of real estate appraisers today. Some are certified to appraise residential real estate, while others appraise property for federally related transactions. If you’re interested in becoming an appraiser, you may aim to be one that serves high-end, luxury clients and appraises upscale properties.

If you’re looking to become a top-shelf appraiser, take steps to brand your services while appealing to your desired clientele. Here are some helpful tips for any appraiser who is looking to wow their clients.

Complete All of Your Training and Get the Proper Licenses

The first step toward becoming an appraiser who can wow clients is getting your proper license. Start by getting a trainee appraiser license, then do at least 2,000 hours of work under a licensed appraiser. This way you’ll have adequate professional appraising experience under your belt.

Then, take the AQB-approved licensed Residential Real Property Appraiser exam to get your full license. This experience will ensure you have adequate knowledge to do accurate and expert work. It also looks impressive on a resume, CV, or business card to clients who are looking for someone qualified to be their appraiser.

For comprehensive appraisal-career training, take classes with an accredited and approved educational institution, like Hondros College of Business. A career-focused education program will guide you through each step of the process of becoming a successful and thriving appraiser. We have everything from pre-licensing education to exam prep to meeting your CE requirement.

Study the Local Market

If you want to attract high-end clients and impress them with your work, make sure that you are knowledgeable about your market. Attend local meetings of appraisal associations, read local real estate news, and develop good relationships with real estate agents. This will help keep you abreast of trends and changes. Be sure to study up on zoning changes or environmental problems as well. By having a wide breadth of knowledge beyond the typical appraiser, you can keep top-shelf clients happy and impressed.

Have a Website

The most sought-after clients are ones who have done their research. They are looking for the most prepared and reputable appraisers. Help build your brand and reputation by creating a website for your services. If needed, hire a professional designer to help you build your site. Include your professional credentials, your contact information, your mission/values, and your work history. Make sure that the site is responsively designed so that it works and looks good no matter what device your client and potential customers are viewing it on. By having a website, you have a resource for clients to turn to again and again when they have questions or want to get in touch.

Dress for the Job

You need to dress for how you want your clients to perceive you. This means, instead of opting for casual wear, you should be well-dressed, tailored and put together. Appeal to the high-end clients you are serving. Make sure you wear clothes that communicate your service to your clients. That way, they’ll see someone geared toward the high-end luxury market. Think suit and tie or dress and heals, rather than jeans and a shirt.

Deliver Excellent Service

The service is the most important part of the job when it comes to being an appraiser. If you want to impress the toughest clients, make sure you do the job well and on time. Offer to do inspections during off-hours, like after or before work — or even on holidays and weekends. This makes the process easier for the client. You can also make the process more convenient by accepting credit card payments or CODs.

Make sure you get the appraisal done and any results in by the time you said you would — and this should be quick, so that clients do not have to anxiously await results.

Always be thinking about things you can do to keep VIP clients happy.

  • Avoid going over budget
  • Use the most up-to-date technology and databases
  • Discuss the assignment parameters before the job begins
  • Prepare custom-tailored reports based on what the client needs to know

Actions like the above will add value to your service and let clients know you care about them.

Follow Up and Keep in Touch

After you’re done serving a high-end client, make sure you follow up with them to ensure they’re still happy with the results. Check and see if they ended up buying or selling the property, and ensure your service helped facilitate their overall process. Following up, shows your clients that you care about their overall success and well being.

Do your best to keep in touch with top-shelf clients even when they’re not directly doing business with you. Collect their birthday information and send them cards. You can also send them holiday greetings throughout the year. Personalized service like this illustrates to past customers you are still in business and will be around for future jobs. It also shows you are an appraiser interested in providing personalized, attentive service. These customers will see you as detail-oriented and organized enough that no important facts or dates will slip your mind.

Being an appraiser can be a tough job, and one of the most important aspects is ensuring your clients stay happy. Appealing to high-end clients and wowing them into return customers means taking concrete steps to show you care and that you’re up for the job. By keeping your clients happy, you could make such an impression that they recommend you to other potential clients. This can help you build your brand and reputation as a high-end appraiser.


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