Alumni Success Series: Meet Whitney Davis, Hondros College Employee & Real Estate Agent


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We love connecting with our alumni to hear what they’ve been up to since completing their courses. Some have become successful agents; some have opened up their own brokerages. Today we’re spotlighting an employee who became a licensed agent by completing our real estate program.

Whitney Davis started her career with Hondros College nearly two years ago as a Student Services Associate. After seeing an uprising in the real estate industry, she decided to take her pre-licensing classes. She’s currently working as a licensed agent in the West Chester area. We met up with her to see how far she’s come.

What did you do before you came to work for Hondros, which ultimately lead to your real estate career? 

“Before I worked at Hondros I worked for an attorney in downtown Cincinnati. I actually moved back into the West Chester area and was tired of driving an hour and 15 minutes to work. I decided to look for other opportunities. While I was at the attorney’s office I met a commercial real estate developer. He told me about real estate and why getting involved in real estate is so awesome. I told him I was actually looking to apply to a real estate school. He asked if it was Hondros and I told him, “Yes.” He told me he gets messages about Hondros all the time from different REALTOR boards.

So when I heard that someone in the industry was endorsing the school, I thought I really need to put my application in. So I applied and got through the interviews. Everyone is so nice here and everyone wants to know you. I just loved the family environment here. It was definitely a big change from the attorney’s office.”

What made you decide to get your real estate license?

“When I took the job at Hondros I thought I would take the real estate program. It was presented to me as part of the benefits of being an employee here. I wanted to get involved in real estate because I could recognize that this is a really great time in the industry. The point at which I’m at in my life I realized I could either sit by and go to all these house warming parties or I could be a REALTOR and I could help my friends and family buy or sell homes. So I thought, “Why not?”

How was going through the courses here?

“I loved it because the instructors we have are second to none. I think everybody knows that. Even people who haven’t taken classes at Hondros know that our instructors are the bomb! There’s no such thing as a silly question. I could always reach out to the staff or support team for help.

I loved the flexibility, because I took night classes, weekend classes and some classes up in Dayton. I was never lost because the curriculum was in the front of the book. I always felt like I knew what was going on in class and prepared for every module, so I really liked it.”

Who was your favorite instructor?

“I had a lot of really great instructors. I loved my classes with Beth Brown. She just brings such a unique perspective. Latrisa Wyatt is a fairly new instructor. She came from Texas and she has a property management background. Her enthusiasm was awesome. I loved that. And then there’s Mike Brandley who is an auctioneer. He is so smart. I felt like I literally had access to all these experts at my fingertips. I’ve really had some of the best instructors. And I still remember their stories when I encounter situations in the field.”

What have you been doing since you started working part-time at your brokerage?

“I go into the office once a week, sometimes twice a week, just to listen and see what people are doing. I’ve been to open houses and assisted with them. That was a really fun and unique experience. I’ve mainly been working with buyers. I actually got a call this morning about a seller that’s interested. It was a family friend whose parent is being transferred to assisted living so they need to sell the family home and I was the first person they thought of.”

What do you do outside of work?

“My hobbies include lots of sporting events. I love The Reds and the Bengals, and the Buckeyes of course. I love to be outside. I take my dog to the park every day. I read a lot. I’m kind of an avid foodie. I enjoy trying out new restaurants. I’m not a homebody. I like being around people.”

What are your future goals with real estate?

“My goal with real estate is to find my niche within the community. The greatest thing about real estate is that it’s so diverse. People think when you get your license that you’re only going to be selling houses. You can do so much. You can be a property manager, a leasing agent, a commercial leasing agent, a commercial developer who turns plots of land into neighborhoods or turn plots of land into factories.

Because it’s such a diverse field, I really want to find my niche. I think my career will go closer to the commercial side, because that’s what interests me, but right now I’m trying to learn as much as I can from the experts that are available to me and take advantage of all the opportunities that the field presents.”

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