Alumni Success Series: Meet Jason Wright, Real Estate Agent

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Hondros College is proud of our alumni and the hard work they’ve put in to achieving their successful new career. We sat down with Jason Wright, real estate agent and Hondros College alumnus of 2012, to see how life has been after becoming a real estate agent.

Between being a father of three, assistant Boy Scout leader, baseball, football and basketball coach and PTO President, Jason still manages to thrive as a successful agent in the Grove City area. We spoke with Jason about his background, and what made him choose Hondros College to pursue a career in real estate.

What made you decide to take real estate courses with Hondros College?

“Before going to Hondros I had spent ten years as a new build sales representative: five years for M/I Homes and an additional five for Schottenstein Group. Once I sold out my communities, there wasn’t a need for me anymore- so I no longer had a job. So rather than going to find another job with another builder, I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to make the transition to be able to sell anywhere at any time. So I met with a couple of agents and the name Hondros kept coming up. I had also known one of the instructors beforehand but I had no idea she would end up being my instructor. After much discussion with my wife I went and looked online and ended up scheduling classes.

What did your life look like before you made your career change?

“I was one of those people that did the 19 year degree program. After high school I went straight into the military and started taking college classes simultaneously. But then life started picking up; I got married, had kids and started working full time. Finally 19 years later I ended up graduating with a degree in marketing from Franklin University. But even after all of that, with my degree, I wasn’t finding a job. I eventually ended up working in all sorts of different sales positions. I lucked out getting into the real estate industry; I walked in to purchase a model home with my wife and they ended up offering me a job. And now I use my degree to sell real estate.”

Jason, what would you say was the most enjoyable part of your real estate courses?

“I completed all my courses back-to-back and powered through it. It definitely helped having some knowledge beforehand, so there were aspects of the classes that were easier for me. The biggest thing I can say is that the instructors didn’t make it a textbook class. They did a wonderful job putting real world scenarios in and making the class interesting. It wasn’t just a ‘Ok class, let’s open your book and read.’ It was ‘I’ve been doing real estate for so many years and I’ve experienced these scenarios.’ Those examples mean more than just reading out of a book, and it made it much easier to learn. But I have to tell you, the CompuCram is the world’s best thing. In the two weeks it took to get my exam scheduled I would go through CompuCram every single morning until I was consistently getting 96-97% averages. When test day came it looked so much like CompuCram, and it was definitely a relief. The test was smooth sailing and I was so prepared.

Tell us how your life has been since receiving your real estate license.

“I received an offer to work for HER in Grove City and have been there since receiving my license. I have done really well; that’s not to say that the first six to eight months weren’t difficult.  It was rough at first. I started in October 2012 and my first closing wasn’t until March 2013. The rest of that year I managed to sell over two million dollars in real estate. I won Rookie of the Year at HER for all new HER agents in the state of Ohio. The award goes to the agent with the most volume and highest average, and I was lucky enough to win both of them. In the past three years I’ve totaled over five million dollars. Transaction wise I had over 20 transactions in my first calendar year, and close to 26 since then. When you get into this business, you have to work hard. I told myself ‘You know what, I’m either going to do this on my own and fail horribly, or I’m going to figure it out, do it, and make a living.’ I have definitely done really well.

As a successful real estate agent, how do you manage a work-life balance?

“That is the hardest question to answer.  I have a wife who works full time and three kids from ages 18 months to 13. We are both involved in our kid’s activities, but as an agent, you have the ability to take time off and schedule away from some things. You also want to be involved in the community in which you work. I am the PTO President at my son’s school; now, is this getting me deals every day? No, but it could lead to something and people know who I am. There are different ways to work in strategy. You can try and do and sell everything all at once, but I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to be doing this for the next thirty years.”

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