Features of Accounting Packages for Small Business


Accounting Packages

Real estate is your strength, not accounting, but you need to handle the taxes and other financial matters for your small business. Luckily, accounting software packages make it easier for you to manage these tasks and stay on top of your administrative responsibilities.


FreshBooks is an excellent choice for new small business owners, as it focuses on user-friendly options. The invoicing, expense, time tracking, payments, and reporting features cover all the functionality you need for basic accounting. This platform also offers client and project management. That way, you can track the work being done directly in the software.

Zoho Books

You get a feature-rich accounting system with Zoho Books. If you already have a lot of hands-on experience with your small real estate business’s accounting and you want more powerful options, this platform delivers. Automate your banking, set up a robust client portal, track your inventory, categorize your expenses, automatically create common financial reports, and leverage integration with third-party providers. If you use other products by Zoho, it’s easy to connect Zoho Books to them.


Sage’s cloud-based accounting package gives you the option to choose which platform makes the most sense for your business: Accounting or Financials. Accounting targets micro businesses, new small businesses, and similar companies. Financials is a full-featured financial platform that’s excellent for your real estate company once you start growing.


GoDaddy is best known for domain registration, but it offers other services for small businesses. The GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping package covers basic accounting, such as expense tracking, invoices, payment processing and business tax forms. This option is convenient if you already use GoDaddy for your web hosting or domain because you can merge your billing to a single provider. Many of the features are more suited to people selling products rather than real estate services, however, so it may not be the best fit.


Xero is another small business accounting package that wants to make bookkeeping as easy as possible. You can view your cash flow in real time, access the features from any device, import your business bank account transactions, handle payroll and stay on top of expenses. This platform offers a solid, all-around experience for small businesses at any stage. You also get substantial opportunities to extend its core features through integration with 600 popular business applications and platforms. Connect the rest of your backend software to Xero or build the perfect fit for your requirements. If you want to pick up an accounting application that can grow with your real estate company, then Xero could be the ideal match.


Accountedge has a long history in the accounting software sector. It got its start in 1989 and has kept delivering innovation over the decades. You get a robust accounting package that operates with an on-premise model and covers all the bases for your real estate company. The Accountedge team has spent a lot of time refining the bookkeeping software experience and ensuring that all the features are powerful but still user-friendly. Purchases, payroll, sales, invoicing and other financial areas get handled through optimized workflows, professional templates, and other useful options.

You have many choices when it comes to small business accounting packages for your real estate company. These top platforms offer an excellent place to start, whether your business is one day old or 10 years old.

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