2015 James Dwyer Scholarship Winner: Nancy McIntyre


MacHondros College is proud to announce Nancy McIntyre as the 2015 James Dwyer Scholarship recipient. Nancy, a resident of Loveland, Ohio, has had her eyes set on a real estate career and is beyond excited to begin her journey in the industry!

“It is an absolute thrill to be awarded the James Dwyer Scholarship!  I am looking forward to starting the classes and even more to finally starting my real estate career.  I applied for the scholarship because I have had a passion to do this for so many years,” said Nancy.

Up until now, Nancy’s dream career has been put on hold due to other life priorities. Raising her children as a single parent brought financial struggles with it, and when she finally married and bought a home with her husband, every expense saved was put toward other priorities. “Every time we get a little saved, we have an expense of some type that takes a dive into our savings such as home repairs or medical bills.  I decided to apply because I believe I will fully represent James Dwyer’s wishes for the scholarship and am looking forward to being able to pay it forward.”

Nancy has had an ongoing desire to be a real estate agent for many years. “I love looking at properties and envisioning how they could potentially be the perfect home for a particular family or individual.  Buying a home is such a monumental decision and experience,” she said. Nancy is looking forward to being a part of someone’s home buying experience, bringing them together with their dream home, and accomplishing their life goals.

“Making others goals become realities is what I am looking forward to the most.  Simultaneously, I will accomplish one of my goals by being able to set aside a certain amount of money from each sale to help fund homes and missions for folks that either come from or have found themselves in situations that are keeping them from being able to move forward with buying or building a home.  I hope my children, even though they are all three almost raised, will especially see from my example: the potential to overcome obstacles and succeed.”

In Nancy’s words, she feels truly blessed beyond words to have received this scholarship. We are all excited for Nancy and cannot wait to see her new real estate career take off!

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