10 Test Taking Techniques


1) Don’t tell family and friends that you are preparing to take the exam, this adds unneeded pressure and expectations.

2) Don’t spend a lot of time on questions that you are unsure of. You may end up wasting valuable time and increasing your anxiety level.

3) During the exam you may lose your train of thought, if this happens stop, relax, take a deep breath and proceed.

4) Some questions on the exam may appear to have more than one right answer. Look for the best answer based on the supplied information, not your assumptions.

5) Read the question at least 3 times before you look at the answers and then read the answers at least twice before selecting the best one.

6) Answer every question even if you have to guess. Two of the four answers aren’t even worth considering.

7) Your first answer is usually the right one, so don’t change it unless you’re sure.

8) Don’t spend a lot of time on one question, mark the question and come back to it if you need to.

9) Answers with absolutes such as must, always, greatest, never and has to be, generally are not the correct ones.

10) Above all don’t panic! Stop, take a moment to relax and reorganize the material. You know more than you think you do.

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