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Alumni Success Story: Denise Gifford

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For 50 years, Hondros has educated some of the top real estate agents in Ohio. We are proud of our alumni and seek active relationships with them well after they pass their exams. We sat down with Hondros Alum, Denise Gifford, and asked about her journey to success in the real estate industry. Why did… Read more

Tax Savings: Organize Your Real Estate Income


The real estate market of 2017 was better-than-average for most real estate professionals. It’s important to organize your real estate income and expenses so that you don’t overpay at tax time. The key to savings at tax time is to know which deductions realtors are most likely to miss and organize them by category for… Read more

How a Government Shutdown Affects the Real Estate Market                     


We’ve all heard about a government shutdown and what they mean to those working in government. But how do these shutdowns affect people who work outside of the government, yet rely on their services? For instance, real estate agents selling and buying homes, and mortgage loan officers could be in for some barriers. Real estate agents and… Read more

How Insurance Agents Use Technology to Better Serve Clients


Thanks to today’s digital age, so many aspects of life and business are more convenient than ever. One industry that has particularly benefited from the advancements in technology is insurance. Developments in both hardware and software have made the insurance business better for both clients and salesmen. Harnessing the power of technology makes it easier… Read more

How Starting a Podcast Will Benefit Your Business


In an earlier post, we discussed the potential a podcast could have as far as audience reach and brand visibility. But let’s really get into the specific benefits your business will reap should you decide to start podcasting. Building awareness There are only so many ways people can learn about your company. If you practice… Read more

How a Home Inspector Uses Technology to Break Bad News


Typically, home sellers say they want a simple, straightforward home inspector’s report. But, if that simple home inspection report has bad news, they will have more questions and expect solid documentation. The mark of a professional home inspector, as opposed to someone who leaves a trail of unhappy clients behind, is science-based technology. This keeps… Read more

Top 9 Appraisal Marketing Tips


Successful appraisers know that consistent appraisal marketing is critical to growing their businesses. When managing your business, there are a variety of appraisal marketing techniques you can use to build and grow your practice. 1. Differentiate Yourself from the Competition Your overall goal for your appraisal marketing efforts should be to make your services stand… Read more

James Dwyer Memorial Scholarship 2017 Winner: Soubhik Das


The James Dwyer Scholarship is awarded to individuals who share his passion for the pursuit of excellence in the real estate industry. Scholarships, as a whole, are earned by those who wish to invest in their careers and their future via education. This is what we believe at Hondros College of Business and we strive… Read more

Student Success Story: Meet Morgan McDonald, Real Estate Agent


At Hondros College of Business, we’ve had the pleasure of educating some of the top real estate agents in Ohio. We are proud of our students and seek meaningful relationships with them throughout their careers. We caught up with Hondros alum, Morgan McDonald, and asked about his path to success in the real estate industry…. Read more

How Agents Use Social Media in Real Estate Marketing


Location, Location, Location. It’s a mantra you hear often in the world of real estate, and it’s true that the location of a property means everything when it comes to marketing, pricing, and value. However, it also applies to social media marketing. The more locations you’re seen in, the faster your business grows. But can… Read more

How to Create a Podcast for Your Business


Podcasts are one of the many ways businesses and personalities connect with their followers. But before diving into what it takes to start podcasting, let’s look at why you should. Why Start One? According to Edison Research, podcast listeners spend, on average, 4 hours listening to audio each week. This is likely because podcasts are auditory and mobile… Read more

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