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Congrats to Our October 2018 Instructor of The Month – Tammy Parkin

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We’re happy to announce our October 2018 Instructor of the month – Tammy Parkin! We got the chance to interview Tammy about her time at Hondros and her secret to a successful career and a balanced lifestyle. Continue reading to learn more about our fabulous instructor of the month. Tammy shared that, while her primary… Read more

How to Build a Truly Cohesive Team

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Over 32 percent of businesses polled in a recent survey claimed that employee engagement was one of their main challenges. If your employees do not feel engaged, chances are they will not stay loyal to your company. While 78 percent of companies have a documented employee engagement strategy, only around 50 percent of them keep… Read more

Congrats to Our September 2018 Instructor of The Month – Larry Press

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Hondros College is proud to announce our September 2018 Instructor of the Month – Larry Press! Teaching real estate law with us for the past 14 years, Larry is the proud recipient of Instructor of the year in 2014. He is also Vice President of First American Title Insurance Company – specializing in title and… Read more

Blockchain: The New Real Estate Frontier

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The Franklin County Auditor’s Office recently announced a pilot project to use blockchain technology to transfer a real estate deed. Ohio is not the first state to explore the technology for real estate transactions. In July of this year, California became the first state to conduct a blockchain only real estate deal. Similar to the… Read more

Top Apps for Appraisers

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If you are a home appraiser, you know all too well the importance of having the right tools. Taking advantage of the various tech tools available to appraisers can make your job a lot easier – and wow your clients. The following are some of the helpful apps that can be used by an appraiser…. Read more

The Best Apps for Home Inspectors

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These days, it’s pretty clear that there’s virtually an app for everything. While there are quite a few games and “fun” apps to chose from, there are also apps designed with a specific function or purpose in mind. There are even some that are designed for specific business niches, such as home inspectors. Home inspectors are… Read more

Where Insurance Agents Should Put Their Marketing Efforts

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As an insurance agent, marketing is critical for building your business. There is a wide variety of marketing opportunities available to you. All you need to do is set a budget, devote some of your time, and choose the alternatives that make the most sense in your market area. Content Marketing Insurance is one of those… Read more

9 Top Ideas for Promoting Your Business Website

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So you’ve created a website for your budding business? Great! A business website is a fundamental marketing tool in today’s world. The next step is getting people to find it. Gaining web traffic is one of the biggest challenges cited by business owners, but fear not! There are lots of ways to get eyeballs on… Read more

IRS Ruling Cites the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice

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According to a press release from The Appraisal Foundation, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued a new rule. The Substantiation and Reporting Requirements for Cash and Noncash Charitable Contribution Deductions rule explains how these contributions should be valued. Take note; this rule mentions the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) of The Appraisal Foundation. The Foundation’s… Read more

How Do I Start My Own Real Estate Brokerage?

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Starting your own real estate brokerage can prove lucrative. Around 6.2 million Americans purchased a home in 2017, and they all used a brokerage in some capacity to make these moves. Setting up a new business is never easy. But with careful planning, you can increase your chances of success. Here are the steps for… Read more

How MLOs Can Grow Their Referral Sources

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Obtaining a mortgage loan can be a stressful process. Most people don’t share information about their finances with other people. But when they want a loan, they must share all of their financial information with a mortgage loan officer (MLO). They must trust that MLO has their best interests in mind and will find them… Read more

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