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Margaret Garland

I wanted to share my experience in regards to my Finance class with Mr. Tom Damen.  I was so nervous going into this class because I am not a math person whatsoever.  Growing up, I always struggled with understanding math.  Tom knew this because I disclosed it to him.  By the end of the first… Read more

Heather Rich

The convenient, self-learning aspect of the program made this possible to fit into my busy schedule. The program allowed me to study every night when I got home from work. Every member of your staff made me feel like I was the only person that they needed to please. All I can say is that… Read more

Erika Bussard

Online classes allowed me to go at my own pace, and to spend time reading and comprehending the information before moving on. CompuCram was also extremely helpful! I felt very prepared for the exam.

Quiana Baskin

These online courses are made to flow so seamlessly and before you know it the module is over. You complete the knowledge checks and it makes you feel so confident when taking the quizzes.

Alainah Dean

They provide the same information online I need with explanations through examples in videos (which is my favorite part) from an amazing instructor I met in one of my first classes.

Katie Davis

I am loving the online real estate salesperson course so far! It has a good pace, and I enjoy the videos and knowledge checks. Well done!

Lora Wallace

I took the Crammer class today and it was very helpful for me since I was an online student. To be able to be in a class and hear the discussions of other people and the instructor was helpful.

Tammy Armentrout

Hello, I am so glad I chose the actual class instead of the online program. The teacher is great and explains everything very well. The class goes by quick and I feel I am learning a lot. Thank you so much for all of your guidance and you have an excellent school!

Mark Langdon

I took my classes completely online and by attending the Crammer, there were a lot of “a-ha!” moments that you can’t get online. With the online classes, they were effective and I was able to do it from work while accomplishing other duties.

Melissa Leurck

I couldn’t be prouder to tell the world how happy I am and how I owe it to Hondros College for creating such an outstanding online program. I took the Crammer and passed my state and national exams!

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