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Appraisal Valuation Expo Convention 2019 Recap

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March brought the annual Valuation Expo convention at the Palmer House in Chicago, a great opportunity to get updated on all the appraisal changes. Speakers at the Expo included representation from VA, FHA, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Moody’s, CoreLogic, and many others. Here’s some of the news coming out of the convention: Comments from Freddie… Read more

USPAP Update in 4th Exposure Draft

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Appraisers know that from, time-to-time, an exposure draft is initiated by the Appraisal Foundation, offering proposed changes to USPAP for public comments. And they also know that these are often mundane proposals, specific to one discipline of appraisal, or tweaks to definitions. What is different this time is that the Appraisal Foundation has issued a… Read more

Real Estate Agent and Appraisers – Why Can’t We Be Friends?

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There’s chatter online these days concerning the “rotten appraiser” who “killed my last deal”. Those agents will make sure appraisers never get assigned another appraisal for their sales. Are agents and appraisers really destined to be adversaries? Let’s take a look at a typical transaction: As the listing agent, your first contact with the appraiser… Read more

Appraisal Review: A Necessary Evil or A Profit Center?


The term “appraisal review”, is likely to elicit annoyed groans from the appraisal community. Why is it that appraisers have a negative view? The world of appraisal includes all levels of review – from routine, daily review of residential reports by an AMC or client, to an appraisal review assignment on a fee basis. Fee… Read more

A New Threat To Residential Appraisals

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Here we go again! The latest push to weaken the protections that appraisals provide to consumers applying for mortgage loans. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has approved a notice that would raise the threshold for residential real estate transactions requiring an appraisal to $400,000. Prior to this proposed change, the threshold was… Read more

What Are Desktop and Hybrid Appraisal Products?

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What happens when a client requests for “alternative appraisal products”? They may call it a desktop appraisal, an evaluation, a value-check, or any one of a myriad of catchy titles. In a residential appraiser’s world of churning out URAR forms every day, this could be new territory. What is needed in a “desktop” or a… Read more

NAR REALTORS Conference & Expo 2018 Recap

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The annual National Association of Realtors’ Conference & Expo took place in Boston, and gave new insights I couldn’t have found anywhere else! In past years, after attending this conference in New Orleans, San Diego, Orlando, and Chicago I am certain that this convention is vital to get the most current information on real estate… Read more

Clients for Life: Staying Top-of-Mind with an Intentional Plan

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You’re driving down the road and there it is – a competitor’s sign in your client’s yard. You’re incredulous! Didn’t you work night and day to find them that home? Why aren’t they loyal to you? How could this happen? The problem is, you’re not top-of-mind. Your name does not pop into their heads when… Read more

How Appraisers Diversify Their Work

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Most residential appraisers rely on appraisal assignments from a limited pool of lending clients from banks and orders from appraisal management companies. While complaining about a constant stream of “revisions requests” and unreasonable turn-times, you may find yourself ready for something new. But how do you go about spicing-up your work week? Consider Your Current… Read more

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