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As an insurance agent, you’ll change lives for the better in an ever-evolving field. You’ll help people protect what’s most important in life – their health, their family, their home, and their future. Work closely with clients to evaluate their health, lifestyle, and tolerance for risk. Feel rewarded as you help these clients select policies and coverage options to meet their unique needs and plan for the future. Hondros College offers a comprehensive insurance program that covers pre-licensing, exam
preparation, and continuing education.


Why Choose a Career in Insurance

Growing Industry


Insurance Business America reports that approximately one-fourth of the people currently working in insurance will retire as soon as this year, meaning a BIG opportunity for you

Unlimited earning potential


Insurance agents earn a median salary of $52,180*. A career as an insurance agent means untapped earning potential, limited only by your desire.

Related Career Paths


Life & Health insurance licensees can work at an agency, a call center, a bank, a large insurance
company, funeral home companies, some non-profits, etc.
Property & Casualty licensees can work at auto dealers, call centers, apartment development corps
that sell renters insurance, large insurance companies, etc.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics (2020)

The Blueprint to Becoming an Insurance  Agent

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