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New Career Options

Hondros College is committed to helping you find, enter and succeed in a new and rewarding career. Each year over 35,000 people just like you depend on Hondros College to guide them through the process of starting a new career. There is no need to be nervous, people just like you walk through our doors every day and begin a new career faster and easier than they thought possible.


Real Estate Salesperson

A real estate agent has the rewarding task of helping people with their largest transactions. This quick startup involves helping clients find the perfect home or sell their property at an optimal price. Being a real estate agent means thinking outside of the box and applying your creative vision to promote yourself and your business. Whether you want to be a full-time agent or are just interested in a side gig, this line of work is as flexible as you are. You can put as much time into the work as you’d like. Of course, you’ll want to be readily available to meet with clients, but organize your time as you wish! The sky is the limit when it comes to earning potential, and there will always be homes to sell or buy. With a real estate license, you will always be in business.

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Mortgage Loan Officer

A Mortgage Loan Officer (MLO) sells financing for possibly the biggest purchase in a person’s lifetime – their dream home. A MLO gathers and evaluates information on their clients’ current financial status. As a MLO, you would explain the features and benefits of the loan programs available. It’s your job to ensure they select the programs that are best for their situations. Your earning potential is high, whether it’s solely commissions or coupled with a base pay. Most mortgage loan officers can attest to having a flexible work-life balance. Set your own hours and work at your own pace. From job satisfaction to professional development opportunities, mortgage lending offers benefits to anyone willing to work hard.

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The appraisal career offers many benefits to anyone willing to work hard. An appraiser establishes the value of a property by careful examination and research. Appraisers can concentrate on a specific type of real estate like commercial or residential. More specific concentrations include hotel, restaurant, and condominium appraisal. Having the entrepreneurial spirit of an appraiser means running your very own business. Appraisers often split their time between the field and the office. You can always count on getting a break from the desk. You could become the expert authority in real estate property values, market trends, and construction inspections.

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Insurance Agent

What if you could build a career around helping people protect what’s most important in life — their health, their family, their home and their future? Insurance agents help people plan ahead and be prepared for their future. As an agent, you work closely with clients to evaluate their health, lifestyle and tolerance for risk and help them select policies and coverage options to meet their unique needs. Insurance agents also maintain long-term relationships with their clients to handle claims, answer questions and re-evaluate coverage as their life situation evolves. The opportunity to be an expert in helping people build and protect their assets and prepare for what’s to come makes a career in insurance one of the most rewarding.

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Home Inspector

Imagine a hands-on career that will have you climbing over, under, and through houses. Home inspection involves a physical inspection of the mechanical systems, components, and structure of a home or building. Their reports help in making important decisions regarding the purchase of the home or building. Home inspectors are a critical component in the home buying process. You could become the go-to expert for inspecting newly built or previously owned homes or buildings. With this meaningful profession, you can be your own boss while enjoying a change of scenery day to day. A comprehensive training program will help start your successful career as a home inspector.

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