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Learn how this generation differs from their predecessors and how that affects the real estate industry as well as the economy as a whole. Gain insight to their thought process and what they are looking for in a home buying/selling experience. Topics include a profile of the millennial buyer, how to market to millennials, their effect on commercial real estate, and how to understand their modern mindset. Empower yourself with the strategies for working with millennials, their use of technology, and this generation’s way of doing business.

  • Learn how this generation differs from their predecessors
  • Gain insight to their thought process and preferences
  • Understand what they want in a home buying/selling experience
  • Learn how to effectively use technology to engage them

Date: Thursday, October 25th
Time: 9am – 12pm
Location: Westerville Campus – 4140 Executive Parkway, Westerville, OH 43081
CE Credit: 3 Hours Real Estate and Appraisal
Cost: Alumni Association members: FREE
Non-Alumni Association members: $40.00

Topics Covered:

Points of Exposure
  • How increased use of digital technologies exposes information and data
  • How web-based transactions, cloud services and smartphone/social media use create points of exposure:
    • Digital tech
    • Web-based (Risks to agents & clients)
    • Cloud services (Risks to agents & clients)
    • Smartphones
    • Social media
  • How to better prevent and eliminate cyber security risk and protect businesses and client’s information
Rules & Regulations
  • What are the state and federal rules put into place?
  • How to collect and store information to comply with state and federal laws, and how to use this information to better protect client information:
    • Collecting information (State & federal)
    • Storing information (State & federal)

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