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Basic Construction Refresher Textbook

Cost: $18.00  

KENTUCKY Real Estate Law Textbook

The most current real estate law text, specific to Kentucky. This book is a practical, straightforward explanation of Kentucky real estate law relating to real property ownership and real estate transactions. It covers the many aspects of real estate law that will be beneficial to practicing real estate agents, attorneys, educators, consumers those who want to learn about real estate in Kentucky. Practitioners will find it particularly useful in their day-to-day real estate practice. A clear explanation of the statutes and regulations that govern the practice of real estate in Kentucky and forms that are used in the industry, along with an extensive glossary, are also included in the book.

Cost: $70.00  

Ohio Real Estate Appraisal Textbook 6e

Ohio Real Estate Appraisal has been developed with the student in mind, including clearly written definitions, descriptions and applicable examples to the real estate industry. Key features are as follows: exploration into the basics of properties and what creates value; exercises that will prepare students to assist their clients and customers with key value elements; discussion of valuation methods and techniques, competitive market analysis, and an appraiser's ethical obligations in developing and reporting analysis; detailed glossary to promote mastery of key terms used in this text.

Cost: $60.00  

OHIO Real Estate Finance Textbook 7e

The various finance programs are presented in simple English with liberal use of examples, exercises, sample forms and worksheets. This book covers all the popular and conventional loan programs, in addition to various types and sources of financing, qualifying the buyer and everything else today's licensee needs to know to better service the customer.

Cost: $60.00  

OHIO Real Estate Law Textbook 11e

This practical guide to understanding real estate law meets all Ohio state education standards for the required Real Estate Law course, and provides students with a reliable set of rules and concepts to foster a professional understanding. It is Ohio-specific, but fully discusses all federal laws that come into play. Actual case briefs allow students to apply their knowledge in the "real-world."

Cost: $60.00  

OHIO Real Estate Principle & Practices Textbook 12e

Ohio Real Estate Principles and Practices has helped thousands of students become educated about the theory and practice of the real estate profession, launching successful professional careers. This new edition has been revised to reflect recent changes in Ohio real estate law and to better reflect the world of real estate today. Key features include the following: real-world examples and typical daily problem, discussed as much as possible to make the information practical and informative; concepts ranging from simple to complex, accommodating all levels of learning; key terms that are highlighted and defined throughout the text (and reviewed in a comprehensive glossary) to assist students in the understanding of definitions required for state exams.

Cost: $60.00  

Qualifier Iii Calculator

The Qualifier Plus IIIx is an advanced residential real estate finance calculator, also equipped with complete buyer qualifying. This is an invaluable tool for real estate agents and brokers; mortgage lenders, brokers and loan officers; as well as home buyers and sellers alike. From qualifying your buyer or loan, offering complete payment solutions, evaluating and comparing finance options, this calculator can do it all.

Cost: $69.00  

Real Estate Vocabcrammer Flashcards 3e

The Real Estate Vocabulary Crammer Flash Cards are an excellent way to master real estate terminology. Key features include the following: 500 of the most important real estate terms categorized, numbered and defined; the ability to study anytime, anywhere; convenience for students to cram for exams.

Cost: $35.00  


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