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Business Law With Ucc Applications Student Edition 13e

The 13th edition of Business Law with UCC Applications presents an up-to-date teaching-learning system that is written in an easy-to-understand style and provides comprehensive information about all facets of business law. Material is presented in nine sections, which include relevant case studies featuring excerpts from the court's opinion. Content has been updated to reflect the many recent changes in the legal field and color photos throughout the text help students relate the material to their own lives.

Cost: $200.00  

Essentials of Corporate Finance 8e

Cost: $200.00  

Essentials Of Economics 8e

Essentials of Economics delivers a concise and balanced introduction to modern economics. Designed for the one-semester course, the fifth edition combines a solid foundation of theory with real-world examples, applications and data. Gregory explores numerous modern topics in a non-technical manner, including a new chapter on the economics of the Internet and e-commerce. Coverage of modern microeconomics sets the stage for a discussion of macroeconomics, providing a logical sequence that parallels how the field evolved.

Cost: $198.00  

Fundamentals Of Human Resource Management 11e

Written in a clear, lively, concise and conversational style, this book addresses the most critical issues in human resource management (HRM). This textbook achieves a delicate balance between basic HRM functions and the new world of HRM. The new edition (11h) focuses on a broad-based market, helping you build a strong foundation in the essential elements of HRM. Other highlights include relevant HR topics that are making news today, work benefits, drug testing, minimum wages, stock options and more.

Cost: $185.00  


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