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To Uber Or Not To Uber? That Is The Question.

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In today’s electronic age of buying products and services via the internet, most transactions require the consumer to accept an agreement of terms regarding how the product will be delivered or how the services will be performed. Many of us under either personal blind trust in the honesty of mankind or simply the need to… Read more

Are you aware of the career opportunities available in the insurance industry?

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There’s never been a better time to consider a career in insurance. The industry is growing, but the current workforce is also aging, opening positions for the next generation of professionals. During the 2015 Ohio Insurance Education Day, sponsored by the Ohio Insurance Institute, it was revealed that 43% of the insurance industry is set… Read more

2016 – An Impact Year for the Insurance Industry

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2016 looms to be a banner year for the insurance industry in Ohio. A 2009 study showed that 58% of Ohio college students surveyed, plan to leave the state shortly after finishing college. Limiting the exodus of our best and brightest graduates is a top concern. The insurance industry provides many viable options, including jobs… Read more

Insurance Intersection – February

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There is a new insurance concept in Ohio called a “Captive”.  Up until now, we used the word “captive” in reference to an agent that was exclusive to one insurance carrier.  Hence the agent was referred to as an exclusive or captive agent because they could only write business for one company.  The new concept… Read more

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