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Is the job market promising for home inspectors?

Yes. Three of the top 20 fastest growing real estate markets are currently in Ohio. Nearly 90% of all real estate transactions include a home inspection and with the new laws in Ohio (soon to be approved) that will require inspections to be conducted by a licensed home inspector, there is tremendous...
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Can I be a part-time home inspector?

Yes, you can. You determine how many hours you want to work. You may want to start out part time as you gradually transition from a current full-time job. As your own boss, you dictate your schedule. If you choose to work for an established organization, you will find many of them are open to part-t...
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Is there financial aid?

Our Real Estate courses are currently not eligible for financial aid such as PELL grants or VA funding, but we have scholarships available on our website as well as other forms of assistance by outside agencies. Click here for a list of payment options.
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Do I have to take all the classes at once?

After purchasing classes from Hondros College have 6 months to complete them. All can be completed at any one of our multiple locations statewide, online, or mix & match to create your own custom schedule. Get started now!
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What is the status of the new Home Inspection licensing laws in Ohio?

Senate Bill 255 was signed into law on January 4, 2019, creating the Ohio Home Inspection Program to be headed up by the Ohio Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing (ODRE). The Ohio Home Inspection Board (OHIB) was created to establish requirements and rules for Ohio Home Inspection li...
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Will Hondros coursework be aligned with the new Ohio Home Inspection Board (OHIB) recommendations for pre-licensing education?

Hondros College participated in every OHIB meeting and followed all of the OHIB guidelines and recommendations to develop our pre-licensing courses. Hondros is very confident once rules have been officially approved, our courses will subsequently receive formal approval. The Hondros College Set For ...
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Does the program help me pass the licensing exam?

Absolutely! We have built our reputation on great instructors, great courses, and great prep to pass licensing exams. We will get you there successfully, and efficiently. Our curriculum is built around the specific requirements recommended by the OHIB and our comprehensive textbooks are written by t...
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How do I get started with the pre-licensing education?

As an institution of higher education in the State of Ohio, Hondros College is the best place to start! We’ve been helping active, busy adults get the professional education they need to successfully launch their home inspection business for over 30 years. With the new licensing requirements, we’re ...
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What is required to become a Home Inspector?

To apply for your Ohio Home Inspector’s License, the Ohio Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing requires you to complete 80 hours of approved home inspector education, via an online setting or a classroom/Livestream setting. Qualifying education covers the following topics: Build...
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Why Become A Home Inspector?

As a Licensed Home Inspector, you can dictate your schedule and be your own boss! Gross annual full-time income of around $70K About 75% of home inspectors work for themselves. You’ll stay busy, too, as nearly 90% of homes sold in the United States involve an inspection.
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