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What is your refund policy?

Refund Policies*   The following is the Hondros College refund policy and is applicable to each classroom or online course. No refund will be issued after 30 days of purchase.   a. A student who starts class and withdraws during the first calendar week (10%) of the academic term shal...
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What is the first step to become an appraiser?

You will need to take appraisal education courses, available right here at Hondros College. Classes are available online for your convenience. Your state will then have an application process to become an apprentice appraiser. Click here to read more about the steps to becoming an appraiser.
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Would I be paid as an apprentice appraiser by the mentor who is training me?

Situations vary – this is a question to ask as you interview with mentors in your area. Some appraisal companies have all appraisal staff as independent contractors; while others have employees. Please contact Student Services at 888-HONDROS (614-466-3767) and we will try our best to answer any que...
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Is there an exam involved in licensing or certification for appraisers?

Yes, the exam is a test that is the same nation-wide that you would take at the end of your appraisal education, experience hours, and college courses/degree. Hondros College is here for you every step of the way.  We offer an Appraisal Review Crammer Course, CompuCram exam preparation software and...
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What is the process to becoming a licensed or certified appraiser?

It is state-specific; every state has its own set of rules.  All will require what is called “pre-licensing” appraisal education hours (they are available online right here at Hondros College), plus experience hours where you will train with a mentor; plus the higher-level licensing levels will requ...
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Once I am a licensed or certified appraiser, will I be required to take continuing education classes in the future?

Yes, every state will require a certain number of continuing education hours in order to maintain the license or certification held. A wide variety of continuing education courses are available right here at Hondros College, online
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How do I obtain experience hours?

You will need to find a mentor who is willing to train you in the field. This experience will most likely involve viewing properties and writing reports.  (There are some circumstances where the training may involve other aspects of appraisal). The mentor will need to hold certain credentials with t...
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Ohio Open House Events

Not sure where to start? No worries! Join us for one of our free Open House events at a convenient campus near you. SIGN UP TODAY During the Open House, we’ll help you: Explore different career path opportunities Meet our experienced instructors Gain insight into a “day in the lif...
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Where can I find a list of class dates?

A list of upcoming class dates can be found in our digital course guide – click here!
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What is your Military Appreciation Program?

We have created the Military Appreciation program to recognize the commitment our veterans have made, and we are extending the 15% savings to all real estate, appraisal, home inspection, mortgage, and insurance pre-licensing package students. A student must register over the phone or in person with...
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