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Nebraska Real Estate Continuing Education Courses

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Nebraska real estate professionals are required to take 18 continuing education hours every 2 years. Fulfill your Nebraska requirements with Hondros College’s real estate CE.  

To learn more about Nebraska’s real estate CE requirements for real estate professionals, visit the Nebraska Real Estate Commission. 




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Continuing Education Requirements:

Per the Nebraska Real Estate Commission

Active licensees are required to complete 18 hours of continuing education by 11/30 every 2 years. At least 12 hours of the 18 must be in continuing education activities approved by the Commission.  Of these 12 hours, at least 6 hours must be in designated subject matter. These courses are indicated with the letter “R” in the four-digit course content number that is assigned to the course.

Licensees may take up to 6 hours of Broker-approved Training toward the 18 hour requirement every two years.  Consult your broker with regard to broker-approved training opportunities.    You may substitute Continuing Education activities for all or part of the 6 hours allowed for Broker-approved Training. [Please note:  while continuing education activities will meet the broker-approved training requirement the reverse is NOT true; broker-approved training will NOT meet the continuing education requirement.]

**Duplication of Continuing Education: Continuing Education Credit will not be granted when activities or substantial activity content is duplicated within 4 years. However, “R” courses are an exception to this rule and may be duplicated in subsequent continuing education periods but NOT in the same continuing education period.  The course content number is used to determine duplication of content between courses i.e. don’t take the same number within 4 years.**

Property Management Requirement: Three hours shall be required in each two year period in a property management course or courses approved and designated by the Commission as meeting this requirement for all licensees who provide property management services during such two year period, or who supervise a licensee or licensees who provide property management services during such two year period. These Property Management courses are indicated by four-digit course numbers which end with a “PM”.

Team Requirement: Three hours shall be required in courses on teams or team leadership which are approved and so designated by the Commission for all team members, team leaders, and designated brokers who supervise teams within 180 days after being designated a team member or team leader. Or, in the case of a designated broker within 180 days of the creation of any team under the broker’s supervision.  One of these courses, indicated by the number 1000R, must be taken every four years.

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