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Jameika Billingsley


My instructor is awesome & full of knowledge!

Chrissy Washington


My first, second and third day were all wonderful! My instructor Evelyn Bush is a great teacher. She breaks everything down into examples so that I better understand all the tons of definitions. I'm scoring higher on CompuCram due to how she teaches & how much better I am able to understand.

Patty James


My first day of class was better than I expected! Everyone was very helpful and informative. I like the way the instructor is breaking the information down and explaining it.

Elizabeth Hawk


I thought that my instructor made the class very entertaining as well as educational. I had taken the exam 4 times during a 3 month period last summer after doing the self-study course through another school and was never able to get above a 62. I am pleased to say that I passed my Ohio State Licensing Exam this morning with a 72%.

Thank you for all your help in educating me on what was needed to pass the exam!

Jacki Schaffer


I was in Gary Jun’s most recent Life Insurance class and wanted to let you at Hondros know that he was a wonderful teacher! He did a great job with the material and made great use of class time. I took the Class Monday thru Wednesday, Studied Thursday and Friday and passed my test with an 80% Saturday morning! I feel that Gary and Hondros were a huge contributor in that grade. I would also like to let Hondros know that Annette and Jen in the office were wonderful. They were helpful each time I stopped in and also over the phone. Thanks for having a great staff!

Kevin Beal


My first day of class was absolutely awesome! My instructor really broke the material down and is an absolute professional. Not only my instructor, but the site staff was extremely supportive and helpful!

Kristle Fox


It is so easy to take classes online, everyone has been so helpful and friendly!

Nathan Kenney


My instructor was a wonderful teacher! They built great rapport with the class and kept everyone focused on how to prepare for and pass the licensing exam.

Cathy Hanlin


I just want to say thank you to my instructor for the outstanding education on the Life/ Health courses a few weekends ago. I took the test a week later and passed the first time. I could not have done it without you! I loved your teaching style. Keep doing it; you are making a positive difference!

Heather Moyer


The class is going very well. I've been impressed with the instructor’s presentation of the material and engagement with the class. He's been able to convey the necessary information in a lively manner; unsure of what to expect I was prepared for a very dry, monotonous course and have been pleasantly surprised.

Rhonda Camacho


I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it! It could also be the teachings of my instructor, who kept it very energetic and informative. Looking forward to my health class this weekend!

Adam Price


My instructor is excellent! Their teaching style and approach is perfect for my needs!

Jen Berardinelli


I recently graduated top of my class with my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, and I know what it takes to be a quality teacher. I can tell you hands down when it comes to excellent & efficient educators; (Gary Jun) is the best person you could have in that position! Not only is he kind, funny, and enthusiastic about insurance, he knows his stuff inside and out, listens to your questions, and wants all his students to succeed. I would take another class with him in a heartbeat!

Mary Haskell


My experience with a class from Hondros was great! I love this teacher Gary Jun! He's energetic, caring and knowledgeable. I am very happy I took the class!

Michael Adams


Jim (Kinzer) did a great job teaching us today. He spoke very clearly, kept me interested and was very knowledgeable. He made the time go fast and got people engaged in the learning process. I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Myra Snider


Hondros always has knowledgeable instructors who include their own professional experiences. The location is convenient for me. The staff is always helpful in answering questions.

Cameron Copper


I love Hondros College because the enrollment was easy, the classes were interesting and the teachers were second to none. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Hondros and look forward to my next opportunity to take classes there.

Micah Carlton


Their staff seems always willing to go the extra mile and the classes offered are considerably thorough and educational.

Tyler Cerny


Hondros College offers a welcoming environment to any individual willing to give their time to be educated on a specific topic. Also, the instructors are able to provide pertinent insight that helps explain certain material. This is why I love Hondros College of Business.

Elizabeth King


I spent the last week in class with Vince DiBartolo for the property and casualty class and I just wanted you to know how wonderful he was. He did a great job putting the policies into layman’s terms that were easy to understand and remember, and his sense of humor kept the whole class engaged for the entire week. When I took my test this morning I felt completely comfortable with the material thanks to his tutelage. I cannot say enough good things about Vince. I look forward to seeing him as my continuing education instructor at Hondros.

Kimberly Baker


I have 5 kids and work 30 hours a week. While juggling work, sports practices, dance practices, games, and recitals, Hondros provides me with the classes I need to further my career in a timely manner that I can at home, online and while at work. Thank you Hondros!

Nathaniel Moore


Thorough teaching and an abundance of information helped me pass my state exam with ease.

Carlos Torres


I love Hondros College because it allows people to embark on lucrative career paths without having to spend the time and money generally needed at other colleges. I have personally been able to earn two licenses here for insurance and have been able to use these licenses to land great jobs. I may go back for my real estate license soon as well!

Rick Werner


Gary Jun is an excellent instructor. He gets you excited about a product or business that isn't that exciting at times. His enthusiasm is contagious! He clearly explains the info from the book and gives practical real life examples that we can relate to. He is a keeper at your school.

Kathy Redinger


Andrea is a great instructor for these classes. She has very good real life examples and has the experience to answer all the questions that are presented to her. I'm having a very good experience at Hondros! Everyone seems very friendly and helpful. Before signing up for this class, I had never heard of Hondros College. Thank you for supporting businesses and careers!

Jordan Sparks


Kristi is so awesome! She was so patient and helpful with everything I needed. I will recommend Hondros College because of her! Due to her encouragement, the proctoring process was very simple and stress-free!

Zach Six


I can say without a doubt Hondros College has improved my life past, present, and the foreseeable future by allowing me to do what I like best, helping people! I received my insurance pre-licensing training from Hondros in 2006 and for that I will always be grateful!

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