32 Tried and True Ways to Market Yourself in Real Estate


Marketing Yourself real estate

1. Become a thought-leader

Position yourself as the real estate expert you are by starting a blog. Weigh in on the industry and offer reports or guides that your readers can download if they submit their contact info (then use their info for number 10 on this list). Share the latest real estate and mortgage data.

2. Upgrade your listings

Reel the buyers in with high-quality photography, a video walkthrough, or even alluring and unusual descriptions for your listings.

3. Create and update your social presence

Instead of using your personal account, create social media accounts just for your business. On your business page, write and repost relevant articles, share success stories and ask questions to engage your followers and spread your name.

4. Use Instagram to promote your listings

Instagram is an extremely visual platform. Post teaser photos of the best features of your listings and encourage your followers to see the entire listing.

5. Host with the most

Whether it’s an open house, happy hour, networking event, give your potential clients and peers the opportunity to see you face-to-face often.

6. Optimize your website and content

First impressions are for real! Optimize your content for search engines by including top real estate terms in your website content. Also, be sure to take a look at your website on your phone before pushing any changes live – switch to a mobile-friendly template if necessary.

7. Share success stories

Post stories of happy clients whenever and wherever possible – on your website, social media, marketing materials.

8. Add an IDX feed to your website

Show off your very latest listings with an Internet Data Exchange feed that automatically imports your MLS listings.

9. Utilize the power of Zillow

Find buyers right where they search. If you don’t have one already, create a free agent profile on Zillow. Revisit your profile often to update your bio, sales history, services and to ensure your listings are connected to you. This is another great space to request client reviews!

10. Compile a mailing list

Collect both email and home addresses to send monthly newsletters, postcards, and other promotional messages.

11. It’s all about the brand

Consistency is key when it comes to branding (logo, fonts, colors) but so is timeliness! If you think it might be time for a new headshot, it probably is. Make sure your branding has the same look and feel across all materials – print and digital – and make sure it represents you.

12. Arm yourself with professionally printed materials

After updating your branding, make sure you have updated materials – business cards, brochures, etc. – with you wherever you go.

13. Sharpen your public speaking skills

Offer to speak to students at local schools or colleges to provide information about the process of purchasing/selling a home.

14. Organize and track your leads

Consolidate your contacts, leads, and clients. Within your database, note how each contact or lead found you. Discover which lead generating methods worked best for you.

15. Set time aside each day to contact new/old clients

Don’t underestimate the power of a phone call!

16. Offer a rewards program

Encourage referrals by offering your past clients a reward for giving your name to their friends and family.

17. Network

Establish a rapport with service providers and businesses. Join your local Chamber of Commerce, frequent local businesses or invite peers — mortgage lenders, interior designers, — out for coffee or lunch.

18. Cross-promotions

Join forces with credible service providers in your area by offering bundled promotions. This could be as simple as hosting a giveaway on social media or as large as hosting an entire event in your neighborhood.

19. Remember birthdays

Send birthday or anniversary cards to contacts, current and past clients, and your peers.

20. Happy holidays

Send holiday cards to all contacts in your database.

21. Use your car to advertise

Whether it be a custom frame for your license plate, a window decal or an entire car w wrap, you’re sure to gain attention as a traveling promotion for your brand.

22. Hold an annual client appreciation event

Once a year, throw a bash for your previous and current clients. Try and host it outside the holiday season, when people aren’t as busy with family gatherings.

23. Invest in your community

Commit a local project such as cleaning up roads, helping at a local shelter or even sponsoring a youth athletics team. Your dedication to bettering your community will generate goodwill and give you the opportunity to utilize the reach of local partners.

24. Take your open house events to the next level

Here are six ways to do just that.

25. Create a moving kit

Fill the kit with items such as pens, tape, box labels, bubble wrap or packing paper – all custom-printed with your logo, of course!

26. Housewarming gift

There’s no gift more thoughtful than one you heard your client mention while searching for his/her new home. A great way to offer your housewarming wishes and appreciation for the partnership.

27. Stay in-the-know

Follow real estate bloggers or influencers to stay up-to-date on trends that affect your business. Attend a conference or seminar. Catch up with peers or mentors over lunch to get a fresh perspective on the business and learn from each other.

28. Create a list of trusted service providers

Your clients will appreciate your ability to quickly provide a trusted professional, whether it be a mortgage loan officer, home inspector, electrician, landscaper, what have you.

29. Keep an eye on your competition

But don’t get caught up comparing yourself to them. It’s good to see if and where they may have an edge, and identify areas you could improve upon. Which brings us to our next point…

30. Devise an improvement plan

As you take a good look at your business plan, examine the critiques within your reviews and client interactions. Choose a couple areas you could focus on, and dedicate yourself to bettering your business within those areas.

31. Tap into local media

Invite your local newspaper’s real estate or business editor by inviting him or her out for lunch. By establishing a relationship, the newspaper will be more likely to reach out to you if they need a source for a story. You may also have luck when sending press releases or media alerts for noteworthy happenings for your business.

32. Don’t underestimate door-to-door

If the fear of rejection keeps you from door-knocking, at least leave a door hanger with all the important details about you and your business.

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